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Found 3 results

  1. littlemanr34

    Alternator Options

    Hi there guys, I'll keep this as short and as sweet as possible.. I'm currently in the process of installing orion HCCA gear into my little ke30, now for those of you who are aware of the HCCA name they draw one hell of amount of power. My question is that, would there be a simple option in boosting my alternators amps into the 300A mark? or would i be better off with a single wire alternator set up and probably a custom bracket to mount the alternator?? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated
  2. I'm in the process of rewiring my KE30, just the motor currently: anyway I was in a rush and had the rookie mistake of pulling everything out at once... Then went to uni. Consequently I forgot where everything goes. I just need a simple diagram for Starter Alternator Distributor (And how they connect to key/battery/relays etc) Also want to know wire sizes, and voltages for it all.
  3. AidoKsev

    Rev Trouble, 4Age Ke70 Help!

    I'm new to this forum, well any forum, but I am in dire need of help! I have just converted my "84 KE70 too an AE82 Bluetop (Bigport) 4AGE engine, and I am having some problems. The car runs fine and is perfectly driveable up until about 6000RPM. It confuses me because it runs so well up until this point, but as soon as it hits between 5500 RPM - 6000 RPM, the engine, runs out of spark? I suppose, and spits and backfires and carries on and will not rev any higher. Also with a timing light, the timing is sitting at about 15 degrees advanced now (with the distributor retarded as much as I can) and does not retard anymore, only advances to about 45 degrees advanced) and the distributor is not out one tooth because if I move it back one tooth it wont start at all! Also the timing is retarding when revved, not advancing! So I can't figure out what is going on here! I have tried too put the ECU into diagnostic mode but nothing happens, and I checked 'T' I think it is, in the diagnostic plug, (which from a wiring diagram runs to pin B6 on the ECU) and it has permanent continuity to Earth, which I can't understand because to get the car into diagnostic mode you need to ground 'T'?!?! I know I have all the correct wiring as I bought the AE82 with the engine in it and removed it all myself, and I havent touched any of the two engine looms, the only wiring I messed with is the 'interior' loom because I wanted to get rid of all the shit on the inside of the car as I am using this for Autocross/Rally. And it ran fine in the old car but now its just... The engine is also running really rich and constantly spits and backfires at idle, I quickly wired up the check engine light to see if that was the cause of the 'T' terminals earthing but to no success, I need help!