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  1. At this stage I am just going to make it look abit better haha. My Plans for the moment are: - Flat Front Conversion (Have all panels) - Quad Lights, Grille, Chrome Bumpers With Plastic End Caps (Will be purchasing these once I get back from World Time Attack) - Wheels (At the moment I am looking at Rota Shakotan's, Picture Above) - Full Black Interior (Currently have sitting in my room an uncracked overrated condition dash that needs painting) - Respray Petty Blue, Proper spray.... Not rattle can this time hahaha - Still undecided but possibly Chrome Fender mirrors for that old school jap look At this stage I have to get the body straight and also fix up a few dings on the flat front and get that in primer. Then start work on the actual body of the car. Has a massive ding in the rear quarter that needs attention. But for the moment my plan is just to fix how it looks. I do also own two Nissan 180sx's the Grey one pictured above earlier spun a bearing at the start of this year so it has a new low KM's SR20DET in it now. So I do have a blown SR20 sitting in the shed which I would possibly look at rebuilding and putting in the corolla for abit more go power haha. But currently it isn't going anywhere, I am in the process of taking off the exhaust and inlet to get to my rusted out welch plugs... So I am replacing them and doing all the gaskets while it is all apart. The plan is to have it look very similar to this red KE70 body wise but except mine will blue at this stage.
  2. Hey all, I am interested in knowing what the difference is between all the 4AGE's. I have a KE70 which I always planned to put a SR20DET into.. I do have a blown SR20 at home that was in my Nissan but the usual story I spun a bearing so I don't know if it is worth fixing that and putting it in the Corolla or putting a 4AGE in. I am not educated on the types of 4AGE's, but I have just been offered by someone I work with a 16V Smallport 4AGE out of a front wheel drive corolla for $1000. He may also have an ECU and Gearbox to go with it for abit extra. Help educate me hahaha. Thanks in advance. :)
  3. Just picked up this flat front conversion last night minus headlights, grille and bumper. All panels = $250
  4. Yeah they are D Shape Steelies. They will be coming off soon and I will be most likely putting some of these Rota Shakotan's on. But the will come after I put a flat front on with quad lights and chrome bumpers.
  5. So back in 2015 towards the end of the year I sold my little Ke70.... I had so many plans for the car but earning $100 a week I couldn't do any of them... About a month ago now I managed to find it for sale about a 2 hour drive from me. So I drove up and gave the bloke cash in hand. And purchased my first car back. It is abit worse for wear now but I can finally look at doing the things I always wanted to do. These are the photos from when I picked it up.... And here it is my first car next to my now daily 180... Here we go... Round two begins.
  6. Back in December 2014 I bought and learn't to drive in my first car, a 1984 Toyota Corolla KE70 running project. At the time I bought it previous owners had done a few things to it, stuff that I know of were Car was just in Primer, Weber Carby, King Springs, Striped alot of the interior out and what was left in was sprayed black, Head unit with no speakers, Window tint and probably a few more things. I have alot of plans for this car but for now it is my daily until I can get some money. As a 17 year old teenager I don't earn alot of money for mods... The money that I do earn is enough to keep the car filled up with petrol each week. But I would like to have it running better and would love some advice on some cheap, do-it-yourself modifications... Then in early 2015 I bought a 1983 Toyota Corolla KE70 Parts car.
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