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  1. Defs go with a 4age and leave it NA? What happens when I get power hungry ahah? I guess I could ask that question with any engine i put into it,
  2. (Sorry didn't mean to quote the whole paragraph.) But I'm planing on swapping to a hilux diff and most likely sticking with the gearbox and clutch from an altezza half cut. I also know of a few adapter plates you can purchase to move the gear stick forward into the ae86 gear stick hole But thanks youve given me a lot to think about.
  3. So I've recently become extremely lucky in finding a very clean ADM ae86, It does however come with a 4ac. My plan is to eventually engine swap it but I was looking for more power than a standard 4age (If this came with a 4age i'd 100% keep it with the 4age, but since it comes with a 4ac I feel less guilty about swapping it)I've put together a small port 16v 4age in a ke70 (sitting around 120whp) and that thing was wicked fun but I've been bit by the power bug. My main question is should I swap in a gen 5 beams (eventually getting ITBs) or turbo a 4agze, my main ballpark power figure is around 200-250whp and yes I know most beams tend to already come stock 200ish but what would be more cost effective? getting a turbo 4agze to 250whp or a beams to 250whp (staying NA), I'm not poor but I'm also not drowning in cash, I have around a 10k budget and plan to do most of the work myself besides the wiring and tuning as Ive had engine swap experience already. The main purpose of the car is to be a semi daily (2-3 times a week) and track is 3-4 times a year. This will not be a DRIFT specific car but I would like to take it the occasional event for some fun. Ive heard of some dirty 4agze turbos hitting the 300-400hp mark so I'm wondering what it would take for hit 250, also ive heard some cases of beams hitting 240ish with just itbs so I'm very conflicted ahah, If you were in my position already with a car and a 10k budget which of the 2 options would you consider (I've got my heart set on a 4 cylinder Toyota engine so any other engine swaps Id rather stay away from such as sr20s, v6s and v8s) Again I know I'm not being very specific on power but I'd be fine with just 200 flat whp but if there is room in the budget getting between 200 and 250 I'd do it. Thanks for taking your time to read I've also attached a photo of the car ahah
  4. Wow thanks for all that info, What would be the main advantages of using efi over carbs? I currently have dual webers on my 4k that I could probs just swap over. Are there any guides on a non efi 4age conversion?
  5. Ok here we go another idiot asking about ke70 engine conversions ahah. I've looked around for the last few weeks on engine conversions I can do to my ke70, I've decided to keep it in the Toyota family and highly prefer an NA engine. From the moment I got my car (around 6 months ago) the plan was for a 4age swap but the more I look into it I'm not sure if there is enough power compared to something like a 3sge (Beams). My 4k is currently chucking a hissy fit with me so I think the swap might be a lot closer than I think. In terms of experience I've never done an engine swap but I think I should be fine in terms of technical knowledge, the closest I've come to was rebuilding a 50cc scooter engine and reinstalling it. My 'planned' budget was meant to be around 3k but I could stretch to 4-5 if it's really going to be worth it. Looking around it seems as though I can pick up a RWD 4age for around 1.5k including the transmission leaving me with 1.5 to fill in the blanks. They seem to be making around 110-130hp which for the weight of the car seems like it could be fun but I'm scared the novelty will ware off and ill be looking for more power but struggling to find any. I've got a friend with an mx5 making around 160-170 and that seems perfect so I've been looking at maybe getting the Beams engine, the only problem there is the price, the cheapest I can find is around 3k and thats not including everything else i need. My main question is, Is the beams engine over rated for it's price? Being honest here It's going to mostly be a daily however I would love to take it to the track and drift events 1-2 times a year. What would you guys suggest? Is the Beams just a waste of time considering it costs almost double and I'm sure would be harder to install, or should i just fork out and enjoy that raw power that is a 3sge. Cheers for your time
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