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  1. Parts: Near new Ke70 Clutch Cable Condition: Very Good, Was only in the car for a week (250km) before motor went bang Price: $80 Location: Gold Coast Contact: PM Here
  2. Alright, i know its not a rolla, but wiring principles would be the same regardless of car. I'm putting a SR20det into a mx73, Using redtop loom and ECU WIred it using this model But still no spark. I hooked up the blue/red wire to the relay as indicated by the Ignitor on the 1st relay. The Blue/red wire has power at the coilpack loom plug. On the coilpack loom plug there are 5 wires, Blue red, and then the 4 wires from the ignitor. These wires change from 0.05-7v when the ingition is turned on. If i rotate the CAS by hand i can hear the injectors firing off. so i would assume the CAS is good. From what i can gather using my multimeter there is no variaton in the 4 wires coming from the ignitor. and the Blue/red wire hooked upto the relay stays above 12v I have checked all my grounds, 1 from the block to engine crossmember, 2 on the loom near the injectors, 1 on the relays, and one on the coilpack loom to the firewall that also has one from the head to the firewall. No nicks in the wire that could cause this that i have found yet. I know it is probably something obvious thats doing my head in.. My possible thoughts of what could be wrong -Ignitor Gone? bought it with the loom so who knows -all 4 coilpacks are [email protected]$ked, very unlikley considering they are getting no power -i fail at life hahah anyhelp would be appreciated yet again
  3. what do you mean it needs a firewall?? does it run?
  4. hey mate can you please wind out one of the LCAs to the longest 'useable' length and measure it from the middle of the rose joint to the middle of the bush.. cheers
  5. springs and serivce pack sold pending pickup anyone want a gaurd?
  6. hey mate i have a buyer who is picking it up, but not willing to post, not worth the time and effort lining up for $10.. don't have enough time
  7. Parts: 1. 4k Service Pack - New Spark Plugs, Oil filter, manifold gasket. just buy oil and your off (just random left over stuff, don't have a 4k anymore) 2. ke70/ae86 rear springs - ###### 5kg 230mm Free height 3. e7 Slant front guard, drivers side, white Condition: 1. Brand spanking new 2. Cut but still work 3. used but not to shabby Price: 1. $10 2. $70 3. $20 Location: Helensvale, Gold Coast Contact: reply in this thread or PM me. Will post springs but nothing else.
  8. seabiscuit - no chance Roo- Thanks mate, you know me too well lonedrift- yea mate thursday or friday arvo after 5.30 would suit me best, send me a txt on 0406 854 087 thanks
  9. Parts: A set of 14x6 cheviot Hotwires Condition: used, no dings or rash but could do with a paint, no tyres included Price: $100 Location: Gold Coast Contact: PM me or contact on 0406 854 087 Wheels on the back
  10. Still Have 1 HD clutch still has meat, no pressure plate but a unuesed throwout bearing $20 1 Starter Motor $20 2 Standard Carbies $10 ea Cut Commodore Springs $50 1 Flywheel with bolts $10 5 Rims $20 also have a dodgy 2 inch exhaust with a resinator that was used with the extractors (starts underneath the car) $20 Thanks
  11. Motor Gearbox Extractors LCAs 1 HD Clutch all spoken for till tommorow night also not interested in posting, thanks guys
  12. yes, all engine parts are to suit a 4k
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