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  1. There's not much there no gear inside either. I also have another cable but I believe it's for the original gearbox as the fitting is smaller
  2. The cable is still in the fire wall but ripped out of the Speedo and I'll take a photo tomorrow of the hole, do you know where I could get a drive and cable at all?
  3. Hey guys, I have bought a ke55 hardtop with a t50 2tc set up and got home last night after playing with the carbs thought I should open her up so I did just that then I must of hit a stick or something or that's what it sounded like and on my way back I noticed a trail of gearbox oil so I babied her to the shed and went for a walk to follow it and I found this and only this but wondering if I can get another and just put it in or would it have fucked something
  4. Looking to bump this thread from 10 years ago to see if I can get neyland here to tell me more about this corolla as I'm looking to buy it but the current owner doesn't seem to know what has been done to it and so I'm here looking for a needle in a ten year old haystack
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