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  1. Bluebeast

    4x100 wheels

    Thanks guys. Love you all ♥
  2. Bluebeast

    4x100 wheels

    I'm so desperately sick of steelies on the rolla. I'm also on a bit of a budget so I'm not really looking to pay for shipping from anywhere. Anyone know of wheel shops that stocks a range of 4x100? Thanks
  3. Bluebeast

    Mystery squeak

    Thank you! Edit: after a little research into the symptoms of a bad throwout bearing. It would appear that this is not the issue. The search continues!
  4. Bluebeast

    Mystery squeak

    I have a squeak that i can hear while i drive. I'm fairly confident that it isnt a belt squeak because it almost sounds as if it is coming from below the car. The only clue I can give is that there is no squeak in neutral. Only when the car is moving. But the squeak goes away when i put even the slightest amount of pressure on the clutch. Any guidance would be muchly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Bluebeast

    Fix headlight gaskets??

    Sorry i couldnt thank you sooner. It stayed in for about a day before it popped right back out again unfortunately 😞
  6. Bluebeast

    Fix headlight gaskets??

    Thanks so much. I really appreciate it
  7. Bluebeast

    Fix headlight gaskets??

    Shes an 1998 AE112R Conquest
  8. Gday, I'm having trouble keeping my headlight gasket things in? I have a corolla with the cute little round headlights but the ring that fills the space between the light and the bonnet keeps coming out. I'm not sure if it originally came with clips to keep it in place. Any advice would be much appreciated :)
  9. Bluebeast

    Cold air intake

    Is there any difference between buying a cold air intake system from an auto shop, and just running a regular intake from an area further away from the engine?
  10. Bluebeast

    Sport seats AE112r?

    Much appreciated. I was suggested saas bucket seats too with their *universal* mounting rails. Is it expensive to get custom rails made? Because aesthetic wise, i prefer the saas buckets.
  11. Bluebeast

    Sport seats AE112r?

    I'm wanting some bucket seats to make my 98 rolla feel a bit more mine. But the mountings to the car are a bit odd (one mounting hole is sideways) any cheap(ish) bucket seats that have worked for others?