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  1. Alright, so i have replaced the lift bolts, they were looking pretty rough, but still all there. Ive tested the solenoids, and both are functional (at least when i put 12v through them). And the filter screens are also clean. I made a friend that used to work at Toyota who has some equipment to manually turn on the solenoids so we can test them. A further question i have is, could there be any other cause for the noise, which i can only really describe as "screeching" from 4500rmp onwards?
  2. Sup Gang, Recently I bought a 2004 Sportivo, and it is in really good shape, aside from the VVTL-I, when i get high in the revs it starts sounding bad. I figured it was a bad solenoid, but I'm having a hard time finding the VVT solenoids for the 2zz, was just wondering if anyone knows if the VVT solenoids are the same on the 1zz? Thanks, Lewis
  3. Appreciate the help mate. At least i know where i should be looking now. Thank you
  4. Have to get round to checking it out when it is not so bloody hot outside. Also just asking if there is a possibility of a faulty MAP sensor or something? Cheers
  5. Sorry it took me so long reply It came on a while ago but got progressively worse. I didnt do any work on the engine or anything like that. It will start off at 1600 and when the car heats up it will drop to about 1200 briefly. But when i then drive it, it will stay at 1800. I don't have an aftermarket ECU either. Thanks Banjo
  6. Hey guys, my 7afe AE112 has a very high idle (1600-1800) and i don't know why. I have already cleaned the IAC and not seen a difference. Is there anything else i should be looking at to get my idle down? Thanks
  7. So after looking at other forums, it seems toyota did not provide a relay space. The best there is, is a 15amp fog light fuse. Looks like I'm going to be doing some wiring!
  8. Hey Banjo, yes its identical apart from the foglights function. Plugged it in and everything works apart from the foglights. Is there a relay that currently is not in my car that i need to source? Cheers
  9. Hey, thanks for the info, just wondering if it would be a slightly different process for a headlight stalk with a fog light switch. I got one of those but don't know if just swapping it will allow it to work. Any ideas? Cheers
  10. Had a look in there and there seems to be some wires! Hopefully all goes well then. Thank you!
  11. Hey guys, I'm look to add foglights to my pre facelift AE112. I'm wondering if the necessary wiring is tucked away in the car somewhere like with some electronic components or if i have to do my own wiring. If its the latter, how would I go about that? Cheers!
  12. Thanks bro. Its the whole thing, not limited to any direction
  13. Ideally all of them, but my main current concern it the one that holds the shifter ball. Thanks Hiro, I should have known you'd reply 😉
  14. Sup everyone, Does anyone have a source for gear bushings for a 98' ae112, I'm trying to get the play out of my knob? Thanks yall
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