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  1. I just put 28mm chokes with 4.5 aux venturis with 105 main jets and 155 air corrector, I tell you what it made an awesome difference!
  2. It drives fine on partial and half throttle but hills are not its favourite thing, full throttle seems to no affect with power or torque, I feel the progression and main circuit is lacking
  3. Very handy info mate, I'm running 32mm chokes at the moment I believe they're too big I should at least run 28mm?, just feel like I should get more out of the Weber
  4. I have F16 imulsion tubes with 45F8 idle jets, 135 main jets and 195 air correctors and 12 degrees on idle
  5. Stock cam, unknown compression, stock head ports and valves, Extractors, 2 inch stainless exhaust system
  6. What jetting should I use with a single 45 weber and timing?
  7. Ive just been told its a bolt in but i wasnt too sure on that, just assumed it would be a stronger diff since its behind a 2 litre but i guess i was wrong
  8. Hi was just wondering if a rear disc model diff out of a 84 ST141 Corona would bolt into a KE70? Heard rumours they're a straight bolt in but I'm not 100% sure.
  9. I tried the new springs and the marker on the pulley keeps rotating towards 0° when i rev the motor but it feels a little better than what it was, should i still have vacuum advance line hooked up or not?
  10. Cheers for that mate i have installed the original bosch springs on it for a experiment to see what results i get
  11. Thankyou good sir i will definitely look into this thankyou!
  12. These weights must be really heavy then because i get no advance at all
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