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  1. OK, thanks for the idea, will see how that goes.
  2. It went from reverse to first and then stuck there Can move the gearstick as if it is in a mixing bowl. Could of the ball on the bottom of the gear stick broken off - is that even possible.?? Havent looked at anything yet as car is about 100 k's from home when it broke down.
  3. Has anyone had this happen and the likely cause and a remedy" ke70 5 speed locked/jammed (immovable) in first gear new box or fixable? I have no idea lol
  4. I have had machined up (years ago) a ke55/70 front stub axle and pressed into my project car. This was so I could just use a complete 55/70 front btake, running 14" rims. I am now going to use 15" steelies. My question is, does anyone know what larger brake unit fits the ke70 axle - ie: same size bearing etc, so that it will slip straight on as the smaller one would. thanks
  5. Try here ~ https://drive.google.com/file/d/14P1j8GZ7udpCkTSQ5bCyOs3EysRu0r26/view?usp=sharing
  6. Sold for a six pack and gone to good home
  7. $50 would get me a carton lol Where you located? I am Sunshine Coast
  8. in the glovebox out of the way cos you don't need to use a phone whilst driving
  9. lol looks like it Dave will take a pic and try bookface 😂
  10. No interest?? Offers?? might be a ke35 ... not sure Jap diff
  11. $130 have backing plates and drums ~ need wire brushing Located Sunshine Coast near big pineapple. bought for project but now using ta22 rear cheers frosty
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