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  1. Try here ~ https://drive.google.com/file/d/14P1j8GZ7udpCkTSQ5bCyOs3EysRu0r26/view?usp=sharing
  2. Sold for a six pack and gone to good home
  3. $50 would get me a carton lol Where you located? I am Sunshine Coast
  4. in the glovebox out of the way cos you don't need to use a phone whilst driving
  5. lol looks like it Dave will take a pic and try bookface 😂
  6. No interest?? Offers?? might be a ke35 ... not sure Jap diff
  7. $130 have backing plates and drums ~ need wire brushing Located Sunshine Coast near big pineapple. bought for project but now using ta22 rear cheers frosty
  8. https://www.academia.edu/7407534/Toyota_Engine_7K_Repair_Manual
  9. thanks for getting it back online
  10. Hi Billby62 , do you have a loom for a bigport available? unpacked some storage boxes and rats have chewed mine !!
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