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  1. the car wont idle without the choke all the way out when its cold, once its warm it idles fine but after driving for a little while it idles rough and sometimes shuts off when i get off the freeway or come to a stop at a traffic light, could it be a piece of rubbish from the tank avoid the needle from seating properly? it goes perfectly at high rmps, accelerator pump works fine, ill try the third gear pull method, thank you for the tips!
  2. yea still has the mechanical pump, how can i test it?
  3. My car has a 4k engine, europe did get 2 doors with k motors
  4. Hey I'm new here, I'm from the netherlands and i own a 2 door ke70, has ae86 coils/brakes, a blastpipe and a welded diff
  5. my 4k in my ke70 idles pretty rough sometimes, to the point that the whole car shakes lol So far ive cleaned out the carb, got the carb tuned by a mechanic, checked for vaccuum leaks (couldnt find anything), checked the timing and i installed a new manifold gasket, none of these things improved the problem. Also, when i press the throttle pedal, it hesitates a bit and then picks up... Does anyone have suggestions?
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