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  1. Nice looking KE30 by the way. What are your plans?
  2. Coln72 on here. Guvna everywhere else. To the point where workmates haven't known my real name at times........
  3. Welcome This is going to be weird for me as I get called Guvna all the time at work.......
  4. The old man's old Briggs and Stratton would loose compression every so often. Would pull the gear and smack the exhaust valve a few times to knock the carbon off it. Worked everything.
  5. ditto. Hydros will handle 8000rpm no problems.
  6. This is starting to rival Binky in length of time........ 😉
  7. first set cost me $25 back in the 90's including the aircleaner. I was given the manifold to start the set-up I had on the racer. Basically ask what you want for them and if they sell great.
  8. in the end mine had bump stops cut in half and the rear leaves "curved" the wrong way. Looked good but the only compliance was the sidewalls of the rear tyres.....
  9. Don't go too low, ride will be crap. I'm speaking from experience......
  10. I've had a little experience with 3,4 and 5k's. Honestly I wouldn't waste my time with a 4k. If you have to get another motor find a 5k. Real world example - a cammed 5k took 2+ seconds a lap off my time around the Ballarat autocross track. Real world example 2 - up a local hill, the 3k (std healthy engine) would struggle to hold 100km/h in 4th. With the 5k (std healthy), it would accelerate in 5th up the same hill.
  11. I'll keep my ear to the ground at work.......
  12. Hemco in Ballarat VIC will do seatbelts.
  13. I first thought it was a tachometer, but it's only a clock
  14. what's not in the pic us the remote boot release. You can see the clock on the dash. The last "book" service was around 18000 miles but has a lot more now
  15. No. The Tiara is owned by a guy that saw the KE10 and asked if we wanted to display his ute
  16. "Kevin" the 1966 KE10 Corolla arrived at week ago. Kevin was sold new by the towns Toyota dealership driven and ended up in storage for 16 years. Fast forward and the dealership heard about the KE10, did a deal, cleaned him up and put him on display in Bendigo for a while until he was sent home last week. Kevin is powered by a K motor bolted up to a Toyoglide and driving it with no brakes was sketchy. This week a Tiara Ute rocked is as well.
  17. Delly spent time at the AIS, went and played College basket ball in the US. Wasn't drafted to the NBA but through guts and effort scored an NBA contract later on. Fast forward he now has a Bronze medal to go with his NBA Championship Ring.
  18. great display of mateship. Sacrificing your result so a team mate medals.
  19. watching a good kid from my home town bring home a bronze last night in the Basketball after a lot of years tying. Good things come to good people.
  20. Why wasn't this around when I had my KE35........ With the rear quarters, found there was enough "flex" in them to push the out far enough to cover a 225/60r13 tyre
  21. tell me more about your evil thoughts.......
  22. we're on like Donkey Kong 😉 needs to be VIC rego though 🙂
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