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  1. Hey Banjo! No, It has the original eight speed gearbox that was used in the C-series. It's a four speed gearbox with low and high. Three forward and one reverse, and then a low and high range selector. The high/low selector is the small handle behind the wheel accessible only by raising the seat or removing the wheel. The four speed handle has been modified and comes through under the seat (a bit different than the original layout but still works the same. I almost never use the low gears on my C-120, so getting to that low lever is not a priority. they move like a snail in that low range and there's plenty of pulling power in the high range. The pulling crowd claims that these gearboxes can withstand 45-50 HP. So it seems like a proper match for the 3k as it is. I don't know if the belt would stand up to any upgrades! The other gearbox up front and behind the engine I haven't identified yet. It is a 3-way gearbox and only two of the shafts are being used to run the pully that runs the drive and mower belts. The other shaft just spins. The handle on the right engages and disengages the signature wheelhorse clutch pully. If anyone can identify this gearbox it would be much appreciated. I can see that he has modified the mounting bracket and the only number I can find is "CK03". I think that it may have been out of a hay bailer or some sort of agricultural application. Rear gearbox (original wheelhorse 8-speed) Front gearbox (unknown): Other side of front gearbox: New fuel pump, gauge and shut off valve I installed yesterday: Good pic of the really cool throttle gear setup: Cheers!
  2. I believe the old guy who designed and built this changed the water pump arrangement so that it would fit under the hood of the tractor. I have no plans of changing his design, it works just fine. The tyres are Mickey Thompson racing tires. They're about a meter wide! He made the wheels too. Original tyres were same as seen here on my C-121. As I said before, This "Wheel Big Horse' started off as a C-series Wheelhorse lawn tractor. These came with 8hp, 10hp and 16hp engines made by either Kohler or Tecumseh. The hood and frame on the "Big Horse" were elongated and it was fit with the 3k engine and big wheels. But originally it looked like my 1972 C-121 shown below I'm planning on using it mostly for show. I'll take it up to the fair and we have a couple parades every year I'll probably enter it in. Also thinking about setting it up with a hitch so I can pull my boat and a couple trailers around on my property. Maybe mow the lawn... lol seems like the turning radius would be a little bit tough but I'll look cool! It's an oddity. To me it's a work of art. I just marvel at the skill and work that went into it and would like to preserve it and share it with other people. People who are familiar with wheelhorse tractors, which are no longer made and have become somewhat collectible and sought after, recognize it when they see it. Oh, we have tractor races over here! Well see how it goes... maybe enter it in the races at the fair this summer!
  3. Thank you sooo much Banjo! I have an electric fuel pump, Brand new, had to replace it because it sat dry so long. Thanks to your pics, I was able to locate the manual fuel pump was. There is a plate over it already. So... I'm thinking of running a 1/2" hose from the small hole on top of the rocker cover and then drilling out the fuel pump plate and fitting it with some sort of barbed fitting to accept the 1/2" hose. Do you think this will work? These holes had been sitting open. I just think they should be covered up so dirt doesn't get in there. This is what I've done for now. This does not have an onboard water pump. That pump on the front circulates water to the radiator in the rear. I had to replace the pump. It was completely seized. When I removed it and looked up the number I found out that it was an agricultural sprayer pump. I bought it up the road at Tractor Supply. I had to paint it red to match. Not sure where the pully was from but he did a good job mating it to that pump and it was easy to replace. Here it is: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/delavan-4-roller-pro-pump-cast-iron-4900c?cm_vc=-10005 I picked this up at a local auction. It was a last minute bid. I had been watching it but thought it would go for a lot more than I was willing to pay... Figured since I was a big fan of Toyota's and Wheelhorse tractors I could give it a good home. I would have hated to see someone tear it apart and scrap it or sell it off as parts. Like you said, whoever built it put a lot of time and love into it. I didn't even notice that the intake had been rotated 90 degrees until you pointed it out! Had to look at yours to figure out what was going on. Very cool! This guy was creative. BTW the carb is the original Wheelhorse carb. Same one I have on my C120 shown above. he made an adaptor plate to make it fit. I just took the carb apart and rebuilt it last night. It was clean inside but starting to leak around the bowl... from sitting dry for 15+ years. I have two tractors (now three) with that carb on them and they're the only carbs I've never had to rebuild. This was the first one.
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome! I've spent some time lurking here (trying to figure out what I have) and this site has been a great resource. Banjo, Thank you for the pics. I must admit that while I've heard of COP (coil on plug?) I have no idea what that contraption does... but it sure looks cool! Great idea using an old tractor frame. You obviously have a bigger toolbox than I do! A company didn't build this. From what I understand, some local guy around here built it. It's actually built on the frame of the same tractor I use for mowing my lawn a Wheelhorse C-121. Also, uses the same gearbox in the back to drive the wheels (two gearboxes) I haven't figured out where the one in the front (the one you can see) is from. I'm pretty sure that it is used in agricultural equipment. Maybe a hay bailer, rototiller, or brush mower... still trying to figure it out. The only markings I can find on it are "CK03". I do not have a hole on my timing chain cover. I'm considering plugging the small hole and attaching one of those breather filters to the larger hole. Good idea or bad idea? I drained and refilled the crankcase with Shell Rotella 15W-40. I use this stuff in all my lawn equipment and the 351 Ford in my boat so I always have plenty around. It's water cooled. radiator in the back with an electric fan. Yes that's me in the video! This is my other tractor, 1972 Wheelhorse C-121. It was built off of this frame. This has the original 12hp Kohler engine. Thanks again for the help!
  5. New here but been lurking since picking up what I have identified as a 3K Toyota engine. This is mounted on an early '70's Wheelhorse tractor! I picked it up a couple weeks ago at a local auction and have not started it yet. All of the fluids were drained before it was stored away over 15 years ago... not ideal IMO. The water pump (an agricultural pump used on tractors) was seized as was the fuel pump. Otherwise, the engine turns over by hand, and the machine seems to be pretty well taken care of. The guy I talked to at the auction said that the guy who dropped it off mowed with it! Probably just going to be a toy for me... something to take to the fair and maybe pull my boat around the driveway. I'm a big fan of Wheelhorse and also Toyota's so I figured I could give it a proper home. 🙂 I had a version of this engine in an old Corolla I drove in high school. I drove that car to the junkyard. Still ran great but had rust so bad that the drivers seat was ready to fall through the floor! Anyway, I have a couple questions if anyone would be so kind to chime in. First, There is no PCV valve or grommet so I bought both. I'm thinking about pulling the rocker cover off and taking a look in there to see if anything has fallen down in that hole and spray some fogging oil over the top end. I've already fogged the cylinders... The gasket looks like it's made of rubber and will not need replaced? I need to clean the broken grommet out of that hole and don't want stuff to fall into the engine. Second, I've already filled it with some Rotella 10W-30 before I read that this engine prefers a 20W-50 oil. I'm thinking about using Rotella 15W-40 in it just because I don't think it will see the heat that it would on the road... thoughts?
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