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  1. it has been a very long time since i have posted on RC (2009 maybe). my first car was a yellow ke55 hardtop the same as yours with ra23 t series rear end, 3tc, t50, ra23 front end etc. this thread has brought back alot of memorys of good times in that car and crazy ideas in the shed standing next to it. so thank you :y: cheers, Lloyd
  2. is it running? is it complete? what does it need to get back on the road?
  3. silver and pink ke20 at a car wash in belco
  4. spotted seabiscuit in civic a coupla weeks ago and i think it was friday i saw a dark purple ke55 on trx rims parked in manuka
  5. might pop in for a bit but alas i am still corolless :blush:
  6. spotted a nice blue ke30 with big wheels in fyshwick near shell servo a pretty tidy dark green ke36 2 door in hume
  7. yellow ke55 hardtop same as my old one.... made me sad :)
  8. yellow ke38 and poo brown ke70 silver rfa28 :jamie: not bad for my first day out lol
  9. just booked my flights, i'll be there on the 14th :P
  10. wouldn't have a clue at this stage, dunno if i'm gonna have a licence now :P
  11. that would be great seabiscuit. i'm hoping to be up there in about a fortnight so i'll start looking for one not long after that. a job would be more important at this stage lol. if anyone knows of any work let me know :P thanks again folks. cheers, lloyd
  12. haha that was a bloody good day simon. not really after a 2 door sedan, not a huge fan of the shape, the hard tops are alot more unique. and i miss my old one so i'm hoping i can build another one the same, but better :) cheers, lloyd
  13. if it is still availabal in about 2 month i'll have it, chances are it wont be but yeah cheers, lloyd
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