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  1. Sounds like its slipping between gears, not good. Mite need a band adjustment...
  2. Great to have another Canberra member on here! Say G'day in the ACT section....
  3. Red ke70, 'Hi-Cam' (!) amongst the embassies, with 'DX" plates!
  4. Welcome! Theres still a few rollas getting around, you just look foe em! Have fun! PS, who's Al? :laff:
  5. A ripper ke26 in queanbeyan. Bamboo in colour, was in fantastic condition!
  6. Well the old girl is back in action! Been in dail use for the last 5 months or so! She looks a bit grotty, as the home made paint job is fading badly! Looks a little 'ratty'! The 45 year old rear muffler decided to retire, (Come off!!), so it was off to the exhaust shop for a brand new manifold back, custom 1+3/4 inch system. Nothing too loud, just a nice note... Thanks to Powatone in Fyshwick. http://www.powatone.com.au/ Looking at some mags, (old style of course!) and some discs up front next!
  7. Yep sure is! Its a Trimatic….They fitted them to late ke30s onwards. Replaced the 2 speed Toyoglide…
  8. She's a bit grotty at the moment….But that will change!
  9. Dealer fit option, I believe….There was one ebay years ago, seller wanted a fortune for it too!
  10. Spotto a white ke55 parked on the side of hindmarsh dr, yesterday morn….gone by the arvo tho…
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