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  1. Hey Rolla folk. Hope everyone has been well :) I brought the Panelvan back to my parents house today on a permit. Tomorrow, I'll be giving it a wash and putting it under a cover for a while. When the time comes, I'll hopefully pull the cover off for the All Japanese car and bike show! It was fun to lay down some dirty single peg rubber again :) Hope to see some old and new faces there.
  2. G'day Eddie! Welcome aboard. I'm the same as you- "once mines back on the road". What sort of car/project are you working with? I'm on the way to getting an AE71 panelvan engineered for registration. p.p.s Al? He's a top bloke.
  3. Not a bad set of gear you're building there. I didn't see a mention of 'cams' at the start, so I was a little curious as to how you were planning to make use of all the other shiny bits...... Found it! All of the OEM stuff is straight from your local Toyota dealer isn't it? I got a headache trying to get a smallport inlet manifold gasket from them last time I was at mine.
  4. So... I've got a MAP sensor on my GZE (AE101). When I drop off the accelerator, and then clutch to change gears, the motor keeps revving a little. Would this be from the SC still running? I've always thought it would have been some sort of electrical problem, but didn't relate it to my supercharger... until I read this thread! Nice find on that delay timer. Looks like all you need to do is hook it up to the ignition, so it's not always on, run a signal from the TPS, and the output for the SC. You could totally use that for door lights too!
  5. So I'm trying to get my head around this. When you say it sticks out, how much further than normal is that, to start creating the desired venturi effect? Also, is the radiusing you're describing on the topping and tailing mean that the rest of the seat (that usually has the 30 and 60 degree cuts on a 3-angle valve job) curved, rather than "flat" machined? I had a quick google and couldn't find anything on it. Ps Craig, I can understand why you wouldn't have the money for the performance seat if all of that ^^ is involved. Sounds unreal though, if I'm picturing it in my head right. (Which is the valve closing/opening onto a seat that looks like an inlet trumpet)
  6. Living with the parents, and my dad not even having enough room in the shed for his project car says something about the space around this joint. I've got an AE71 panelvan that's already running a 4AGZE. Americanizing is where I'm heading - Bigger! Flares, turbo, diff, gearbox, wheels. The planned extent of my suspension modifications are a few sets of shackles at different heights for the leaves, and adjustable coilovers up front, so I can lift her up for road trips. Maybe see a track day here and there :)
  7. Just putting my bookmark in, so I know where I'm up to next time I check up :) Today, I was thinking about all the things I plan to do with my car... A garage... Is that your secret? I can't seem to get past this planning stage. The work on that dash is immaculate. You've clearly done this many-a-time. :rolla:
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope everyone's holiday season is going well. On the Rolla front: I have taken my panelvan off the road in order to begin some sort of modification project, before I engineer it. :S In search for a new daily to replace the Panelvan, I was looking for a decent AE9x SX (4AGE model), but was trumped by a 98 Pulsar 1.6L. Its not all bad... at least its not a Ford!
  9. I see that Orange KE20 all the time! White 70 wagon in Tuggeranong, a KE55 with a very dark plum colour and TRX wheels. Probably more :P
  10. Quiet, but present. Welcome to RC Canberra Roald! :)
  11. So amazingly awkward looking. Gotta love Yankee input into a Japanese classic. Awesome interior :)
  12. Looking for a T50 drivers side slave cylinder (T-18, TAxx celica, JDM AE86, probably others) TONIGHT! Call me if you've got one. 0424240649.
  13. Totally disappointed when I reached the end of the thread that this hasnt seen any track time! Good luck with the ute project. :)
  14. Tremec Magnum is massive! Unreal build mate. Probably the most visited build i've ever... visited!
  15. What's the SC14 worth on its own? I have an SC12 if you want to sell as a kit.
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