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  1. SOLD SOLD SOLD This 1984 Toyota Corolla KE70 has been saved from the crusher, and could be yours. It has passed a NSW blueslip/roadworthy In point form: - All original vehicle, passed NSW blueslip inspection (still valid) - Healthy and strong 1.3L 4k engine. - Excellent interior, with dashpad being the only blemish. - Good shifting 5-speed and clutch - Quiet diff, no clunks/bearing noise - Reasonable suspension, could be freshened up. - Good front tyres; just passable rear tyres - ideal to rotate and replace current rears. - Body presents well, only rust is in right rear wheel arch and is minimal. - Price is $1600 or best offer. - No rego. But you can put it on! The Spiel: The Corolla has been a local Cooma car (mountainous, non-rusty air) for what is believed to be the majority of its' life. The wrecker said it was owned by an old fella, who drove it regularly around town. It's a shame it ended up at the wreckers, but that's where my friend and I came in, when we swept this car up to give it a new lease on life. The Corolla is completely original, has 217000km, and drives very well. It drove flawlessly from Cooma to Canberra (100km), and with just one person in the car, it would stick to 100km/h, and had the guts to overtake slow vehicles. Although the car is very comfortable to drive and the suspension has plenty of life left in it, some new shocks and bushes would not go unnoticed. The tyres are good up front, but the rears are just legal, so some modern tyres would also greatly improve the handling and ride comfort. The gearbox is a 5 speed, and shifted very well, and the clutch worked perfectly too. The diff had no disconcerting noises. The interior is in excellent condition, with all door trims, seats and carpet presenting very well - the only fault being the dashpad has cracked and lifted in front of the passenger. All electrics work in the car, and although they work, the speakers for the AM/FM radio should be replaced. The body of the car is in overall good condition, and presents very well. There is only 1 spot of rust in the right rear wheel arch, and all panels are relatively tidy with no major dents. The bonnet has some clear coat lifting, which could have some attention given to it. The engine bay is completely original, with everything in fantastic condition. A fresh AC Delco battery provides plenty of cold-cranking amps for cold morning starts. The first time I saw the car start, it came to life on the first revolution of the flywheel, so it has plenty of compression and seems to be a very healthy motor. We have given the car the detail of its life, to remove all interior grime, and a good clean outside and degrease of engine bay. We have also given the engine a checkup: cleaned sparkplugs, checked points gap, adjusted ignition timing, and given the carburetor a good flush with carby cleaner and a tune. There appear to be no oil leaks, and all fluids were at optimum levels when we purchased this vehicle, so it is ready to drive away! If we didn't already have "enough" cars in our life, my friend and I would have kept this to ourselves, so come and give this Corolla a new home. For the time, effort and money we have spent rescuing, transporting, cleaning and tuning this honest and original Corolla, a price of around $1600 seems reasonable. Offers will be highly considered. Inspection is recommended, however, we can provide additional photos upon request. Pictures!
  2. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Bought this car a few years ago, with the intention of swapping out the busted up 4AGE 16V to the 20V. I got as far as putting it in, and thinking about wiring before progress halted. The engine has not been run for over 5 years, but was bought as a runner with 89kw at the front wheels using a microtech. As I'm in need of cash, this would be easier to make money by parting out, but I'd be very happy to sell the car as a whole. Probably looking at $2800 for everything, and $2000 without the rimmies. Phone number: 0424-240-649. NSW Engineered for fuel cell, 4age, brakes, exaust, etc. (not engineered for coilovers) so if you decided to road-register this, it would be possible to tidy up and pass inspection. 20V silvertop. Probably has everything to work in RWD incl SamQ water stuff. $800 Microtech LT8 $350 T50, worked well when I drove the car with the 16V, $300 standard rear diff, should stay with car to make moving easier Exhaust: has a set of extractors with the car at least 2.5inch exhaust with cat resonator and pretty quiet muffler $150 Fuel system: big custom fuel cell in boot. boot has flat floor so no spare. vl pump. body: 109xxxkm on clock atm., shell is rust-free and straight as. Re-do the clear/repaint and this would be an excellent shell. gaurds are all standard. $750 for engineered shell. suit track shell (due to fuel tank), or registerable if completed and inspected. Wheels MK II, 14x7.5JJ -6 very very good, only 1 has small nick, $600, 14x6.5JJ +12, good condition, small nick in one $300. Both pairs just need a clean/hand polish. $800 for the set. Both pairs have cheapy diamondback rubber with good tread. suspension: front- AJPS coilovers with axle braces. Brakes: jdm ae86 vented front brakes with braided lines 8kg king springs koni adjustable shocks cusco camber tops. just jap strut brace. Tanabe big sway bar. (something like 24mm) ttt rca's ke70 lcas ae86 power steering arms new wheel bearings rear- tein 6kg springs tien 32way adjustable shocks. Tanabe 18mm swaybar ajps pan hard rod (on car adjustable) For ALL suspension, I'm after $1500 Front package $1200 Struts/brakes $850 Rear springs/shocks $150 Panhard, $100 Swaybars, $150 each Interior: Was amazing when I bought it, but now dash has started cracking in the standard spots. Upholstery is fantastic. Front seats are in another car, but are available if looking to buy the interior. They are super soft, plump and comfy. $450 for all of interior. $350 for all seats. dish steering wheel $50 tacho dash $80 MORE PICS TO COME:
  3. Hey Rolla folk. Hope everyone has been well :) I brought the Panelvan back to my parents house today on a permit. Tomorrow, I'll be giving it a wash and putting it under a cover for a while. When the time comes, I'll hopefully pull the cover off for the All Japanese car and bike show! It was fun to lay down some dirty single peg rubber again :) Hope to see some old and new faces there.
  4. G'day Eddie! Welcome aboard. I'm the same as you- "once mines back on the road". What sort of car/project are you working with? I'm on the way to getting an AE71 panelvan engineered for registration. p.p.s Al? He's a top bloke.
  5. I really love the lip though. :) what if I come get it when I am there for new years? Ill put a deposit on it. Have been on the lookout for that lip for years.
  6. Bump. I've now cleaned up the axles and all that jazz. It's all there and is a straight-forward job to get going. - Axle bearings could possibly be re-used. - Axle seals need replacing. - Surface rust on diff centre almost completely wipes off, so however pedantic you are, it will need some form of cleaning. - Housing needs to be cleaned INSIDE and out and painted. Negotiable on price!
  7. Hi all, I have a complete non-LSD Zenki (small axle) diff from a Japanese AE86 Sprinter with disc brakes and a 4.1 centre. It doesn't have the handbrake cables. It would suit a full rebuild, as it has been sitting out in the open weather (with the breather cap missing) for some time, so the bearings may be a bit dry, and the centre could probably do with a shimmin' and/or put an LSD in! It has developed a small (superficial) amount of surface rust on parts of the axles and the centre, which should wash off in a parts washer. Luckily it still had some oil in it, which I think saved it! There are brake lines with it, but I would recommend replacement. The calipers would need a rebuild ($88 kit from AJPS) and the rotors would need replacing ($299 from AJPS), or go for the AJPS S13 rear rotor upgrade for more bite. Put this diff in your AE86, KE70/AE71, or T18 without modification. I've uploaded a screenshot of a quote from Depot-Depot with E-go couriers from Canberra (me), to Brisbane for a bit of a reference on freighting the item. Now $500 ONO (used to be $1000). PH: 0424--240--649
  8. Not a bad set of gear you're building there. I didn't see a mention of 'cams' at the start, so I was a little curious as to how you were planning to make use of all the other shiny bits...... Found it! All of the OEM stuff is straight from your local Toyota dealer isn't it? I got a headache trying to get a smallport inlet manifold gasket from them last time I was at mine.
  9. So... I've got a MAP sensor on my GZE (AE101). When I drop off the accelerator, and then clutch to change gears, the motor keeps revving a little. Would this be from the SC still running? I've always thought it would have been some sort of electrical problem, but didn't relate it to my supercharger... until I read this thread! Nice find on that delay timer. Looks like all you need to do is hook it up to the ignition, so it's not always on, run a signal from the TPS, and the output for the SC. You could totally use that for door lights too!
  10. Drewlo/Andrew.. This thread is 4 years old. Unlikely. Best to PM the seller rather than drag up an old thread!
  11. Thanks Parrot, ill have to measure that up on my car when I get the chance (car is out of town) thanks for the measurements. Free bump
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