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  1. Hey peeps. As title states, I'm in need of an Mx13 Mk2 diff or even just an axle out of one. Turns out the diff I bought had a bent axle. On the Sunshine coast in Qld, but I would drive to Bris. Let me know. Cheers, Richie
  2. Hey people As the title says I need an open diff center for a ke70 or a whole diff (borgie or even a t series). Also a front drivers seat for ke70/ae71. hopefully beige. I'm located on the sunshine coast, but might drive to brisse for a t series. Cheers. Richie.
  3. Its all good man, I sent an email to Greg at GKTech about their water/oil line kit and he said their kits don't need a restrictor, so thats handy, i'll probly go with that.. Also if anyone is after a 1 inch brake-master to suit a ke70 booster, one off a patrol is perfect. JB-1777 is the part number.
  4. yep Reed I work the other side of kunda, down Sandalwood lane.. and Carlos so is that 30 thou, so around 0.8mm?? From what ive read 0.8mm is the go but its kinda hard to get definative info.
  5. Soo yeah 5 months on and i aint done much.. Finally got some new bearings put in the SR and a rocker stopper kit. New Exedy heavy duty clutch and also found a stainless mani and a t28BB out of a jap s15. Does anyone know if an oil restrictor has to be used when swapping from a non-BB turbo to a BB turbo? and also what size restrictor. This is a black top sr20det out of a 180sx.. Also got the diff mounts and things swaped over onto the mk2 corona diff thanks to Ant and my brakes are 90% complete. Just got to rebuild the calipers and resurface the discs. The setup is (haters gunna hate) Ford ED falcon discs and calipers on the rear and AU XR8 Falcon ute twin pots on the front on 86 struts. 280mm back and 290mmx28mm front.. The only downside is 15inch rims minimum. upside is cheap as chips to rebuild and replace.. The brakes were recommended and built for me by my engineer, who used to race a 3tgte powered ta22 with the same setup, so he reckons it should pull up the little rolla pretty well and pass engineering no worries. So here are the picatures..
  6. flat front beige ke's look the goods. I see you every arvo at 4pm at the matilda lights in kunda park on my way home.. i wave but i don't have a horn, so if you see some one giving the thumbs up from a loud Surf, its me..haha
  7. Down sugar road, yeah that would have been a while ago.. I don't go anywhere near m'dore anymore. Not in this anyway, haha.. Anyone know how to make the pics bigger?? like i said i suck at uploading pics..
  8. Howdy peeps.. I'm Richie from Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.. Some of ya'll may know me, been on the forums a while now and seeing as this isn't my full time daily any more i thought i might make a thread about it.. That and there is nothing on tv.. After finding more and more rust in the KE25 i had, i decided to scrap that and get back into an AE.. I bought this with a tired old 4ac, put up with it for about 2-3 months and when ae86dc went down for the weekend around october, I was bored so the 4age went in.. Basically I'm building it to get into these supersprints. Haven't got to one yet thats why all my pics are hardparked.. The grey and beige one (same car) was my first AE back in about 07.. So basically this is it: Engine/drivetrain 4age bigport Rwd intake Unknown 4-1 extractors 2 & 1/4 exhaust Facet lift pump, 070 main pump, 2lt surge Stock computer Shitty pod Stock Radiator 12in thermo Stock T50 silvertop flywheel Heavy duty button clutch.. 6mm return fuel line.. Interior Bride fixed back No sound deadening but has carpet Twinky wheel Suspension/Brakes Ae86 struts cut down 40mm Otomoto coilover kit 9,8,6kg front springs, 4.5kg rear springs Sw20 mr2 shocks, some commo rear shocks Tein camber tops Kelway strut brace Ps arms.. Ajps 40mm rca's Vented & slotted disks, calipers to suit Wheels 2-13x8 volk racing mesh 2-13x8.5 volk racing mesh 2-15x8 challengers 2-15x8 sportmax 002 4-14x6 work copies/shitters/skidders Future plans are Weld diff Some track time.. Half cage.. fix rust.. Weld on rear flares xt130 lca's.. Mount battery in cabin Different spring rates for the rear.. Convert to flat front.. Paint white.. Spirit stripes/stickers Fit chrome bars properly.. Replace 4age with sr20 when this dies.. Get mounts swaped and fit the mk2 f series diff.. I think thats about it but yeah.. Tell us what you think.. Richie. Ps. i suck at uploading pics..
  9. Dam, i was just in brissy on sat.. i will take all 4 doors pending inpspection and if you still have em this coming weekend if its cool with you?? where abouts in bris are you?? cheers..
  10. any chance you could get a pic of the recaro reclinable bucket seat and also the tail lights.. cheers
  11. For your $170, did that include fitting.. Yeah i should have said that included fitting for $340. Hells no id be paying $340 for a screen..
  12. Hey guys.. I've got a nice big crack in my ae71 sedan windscreen and i'm just wondering if anyone knows for certain if ke70 and ae71 windscreen are interchangeable?? Secondly, has anyone had to get someone to replace theirs (ke70/ae71 only)?? Who'd you use and how much?? I got quoted $340 from O'Briens.. Might ring a few more places in the morning.. Cheers.. Richie.
  13. Hey peeps.. Just chasing up a few pieces for my new daily which is an ae71. 1. Nice clean chip/crack free windscreen. 2. Stock upper and lower trailing arms. 3. An undented fuel tank. 4. Crack/chip free tail light lenses. I'm located on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, hour north of Brisbang. Would prefer to pick up parts on the coast but may go to Brissy too.. Contact me here or by pm.. So whos got what?? Cheers.. Richie..
  14. according to this thread it is..maybe pm him and find out what the dealyo is. http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/s...hp?17583-a-KE70
  15. tweakit does these..what sam was talking about.. http://www.tweakit.net/shop/product_info.p...roducts_id=7597 then at least you can change back..
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