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  1. I purchased it solely for its interior there should be plenty of left overs...
  2. Ha ha, i didn't know that but thats cool to know, i will be finishing it properly, forged internals, cam package with big e85 system and a precision turbo, gonna be fun, hoping to finish up around 400rwhp, just purchased a donor car for its interior and original bitd and pieces finish it off... Will all come together nicely Donor car below
  3. Nice little rolla mate good score
  4. Thanks mate, i look forward to moving forward and doing some decent upgrades to it, would love to bump it up to 400rwhp with some nice internals and supporting bolt on's/mods, will be fun to drive ...
  5. Hi guys names damo from the gold coast, have just purchased my first ke 30 corolla, have always been a fan looking forward to cruising soon when i finish a few bits and pieces and get some rego... Few pics of the car ive just purchased from ACT just needs some finishing touches :) Some rear venetians with factory wheels, hide that intercooler back behind a new grill and front bar should be a nice little sleeper...
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