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  1. Gee been a while since I posted on here. You know that open wheeler is going to be running at the Baskerville historics. As it's the year of the open wheeler. So we expect to see formula 5000's running as well
  2. mind you this isnt the good motor ive built, thats at my father inlaws workshop. this is just a motor i put together with stock internals so i can get the car working again
  3. hey guys its been some time since ive been on, and even since then not much has happened lol. ok so my new engine hasnt been started yet. only because I'm lazy and havent taken it to the machine shop for boring. so because I'm lazy i have complete gear just to build another basic engine again as I'm sick of it not moving anywere. the the standard build is on the go, but ive also got other things on the go like a wing and I'm about to organise a front diffusers, and another thing is I'm converting my power stearing rack into a manual rack. simply because its in a shit spot, i can't get to the pump if i need to. these are whats on the go so this gt wing i picked up for doing some work for a mate of mine so it was cheap and an easy option for rear downforce now front downforce I'm going to have to do some modifying to and old front bar of my father inlaws crashed sports sedan, as he has a mould i could keep making some ok so the front bar off this is it, yes there is modifying to do, and i know that but its something to work off. next is the power stearing, i think i saw it on here so i started to do it so this is the shaft on the main pinion that i need to wield up so that its strengthened, as not being assisted with fluid it will be heavier and possibly brake under stress. so this is my progress so far Cheers Sean
  4. so the video is of the one and only day i took it to symmons. well it also died that day and more ways than one, ive gone back to my old ways from the very begining of doing bearings in the bloody thing so no.1big end bearing was missing no.2 big end was squashed no.3 big end was fine and no.4 big end was squashed we have come to the concluson of it starving of oil but from the catch can breather not working properly and not allowing the engine to breath therfor it was actually holding most of the oil in the head. also because the oil was a little too thick for the engine so i found out. but because it wasnt allowing the oil to go down to the sump it starved its self a few times. this is no.2 big end well what you can see of it this is no.3 you can only just see really that there is no distortion in the bearing at all this is no.1 as you can see there is no bearing left. but you can also see the colour change in the rod halfway up from the brownish gold to the black because of how hot its gotten some good shit turned up to build my good motor with
  5. got it today and after work got it together also picked up the needed item for racing for free
  6. had a tinker with the car today and i got a clutch switch in and wired it to the computer and tested (sort of) so now i can have launch controll and flat shifting set up. but untill tomorrow i have no brake lights lol. i stoll the switch from the brake and my good friend in toyota spare parts has ordered me a new switch. i will be able to test the car properly once i get the new manifold as well
  7. Decided yesterday while having th day off I notice the car has managed to pick up and oil leak which was behind the turbo. And I notice the crack on the manifold has gotten bigger and a lot of soot has come through so I took the whole turbo setup off the car. Going to look at purchasing a new manifold tomorrow so I can put it all back on this weekend maybe... Finally took the air conditioning pump out of the car so now I have to find a shorter belt and the rib tensioner to go with it. Good thing I got a mate at Toyota spare parts... Will post some pics tonight befor after
  8. yeah its adrian's that photo was when it was here befor it got sent to melbourne
  9. not sure dude as far as i know its still sitting in melbourne waiting for parts from germany, i think he's had emails about the parts. but yeah I'm not sure. its been away for nearly 12 months
  10. ok well i thought its might be a good idea to show my progress ok so this is a very small picture for some reason but its the celica sitting next to a ferrari putting the add ons that are needed to pull me out of the kitty litter my 3inch deep momo wheel custome coilovers my console and guages setup got a pair of 8inch 450 pound springs spacers for the rear to fit subaru rims the new 17 insh rims some new engine managment. a e420d select a spare head of mine that i got dipped and my father in laws to start my new motor the new 5sfe block purchased that day and pulled apart less than an our later got a free sparco seat off my father in-law after he crashed his race car ARP 3sgte main studs in the 5sfe block the together look. the slight befor the now after and more progressed and messy setup just a couple of glory shots just some standard pistons for the new block and the OEM 5sfe Meatal h/g
  11. ok well i finally come back to look how long its been since i was last here and its been nearly 2 years.................... ok alot has happend. first off I'm not sure if i ever mentioned it at all on here but this car is now de registered and on its way to being a cams approved loggbooked 3J car. not much has happened inthe way of engine that a purely stade the same. i did infact get the car running really well off a standard 165 ecu, but for some unknown reasons this just started to collaps out from under its self. one thing led to another, i changed the timing on the car which lead to it spiking to 15psi so i changed it back and then for no reson at all the coil pack shat itself. got a new one of them then the ecu was throwing knock sensor codes out changed the wire betweenn the ecu and the sensor. no fix, then changed the knock sensor.... still no fix, even got another ecu... still no fix. the car sat for about 4 months with me not touching it because i was over the situation i was in, when finally i bit the bullet. i bought an adaptronic which was the best desicion i ever made. but befor that i also made myself some coilovers for the front. new exhaust system through the car, 3 inch to the cat then 2 1/2 after but will change to all 3 inch without a cat coming out infront of the rear right wheel. i did score some yoka advan A048Rs for my 15's but they are too big of a profile and makes it look like a 4wd or a stock car, so i managed to get some 17's. but the rears are now on 25mm spacers because the rims are +45 and celica can only run a max of +40. but because i have coilovers in the front i don't need spacers. also the whole intire car has been gutted. i have a 6point 3inch monza harness. scored a race seat out of my father inlaws folden Capri sports sedan. have a removed the cd played and replaced it with a kill switch and missile switches. still have to install the kill switch pull cable outside of the car. but i am just in the process of installing the seat, i also have a full detachable stearing wheel. with a 3inch deep momo vinal race wheel. a few tow hooks and shit and thats about it really and bonnet pins just to make it look racey and stuff. and some new disc's in the front and managed to score some green stuff pads for cheap as. i am still at this stage in the process of getting the car tuned. the car runs on a base map, and will be giving it a small tune at symmons plains, and then will be taking it to confyne in ulverstone to tune the rest as they are a tassie dealer for adaptronic, from here on in my plans are to get the race seat in with harnes in the right location. then tidy up the car and wires. take it to symmons to give it a rough tune, then look at taking it to confyne, then get the roll cage built and get it scrutineered as a 3J car after the eligibility officer has come back to me about the car being eligible for IP or if i have to put it in another class. The big thing I'm aiming for is Bathurst......... the IP class runs on the same weekend as the 12hr endurance runs. and that is were i want to be in at least 2 years. once i have done it once, thats it ive done my dream. and i will stick to state searies.. i will post some picks up later but it hasnt really changed much still looks the same just with a few more additionals Cheers Sean
  12. Nah i picked it up from a scrap yard for nothing. They had 4age bits everywhere but most things were ʞ©$ɟed and I managed to score this witch was still good nic
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