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  1. Hi all. Can those in the know please share their experiences with swapping out any combination of the 3K, 4K and 5K engines? How noticeable was the upgrade or downgrade? If I hypothetically took out a 3K engine and replaced it with a 5K engine, how much of an upgrade in performance would I get (not looking for horsepower numbers, just noticeable honest feedback). How impressed/disappointed were you with the upgrade/downgrade? Thanks heaps, Paul.
  2. As stated. I am chasing an original KE10/KE11 AM radio. If you have one to sell, please let me know. Paul.
  3. Hi Banjo. The previous owner is deceased and therefore the family were not able to provide too much info. Yes, I live in Brisbane bayside.
  4. Thank you to both of you!! I am awaiting for the car to arrive from interstate but might take you up on that offer Banjo. I have had modern cars for a while so perhaps it speaks more about me, but can you hear the tat, tat...tat. from the motor? Is this just normal for these motors? Thanks again, Paul.
  5. Hi all. After selling my last KE11 in 1994 due to getting married, I just replaced it with a new one (the car, not the misses). It is a KE11 SL model. Can I kindly ask some questions regarding it on this thread? Yes, I have searched for answers already. Firstly, what options did the SL model have compared to the standard model? Is this centre console part of the SL upgrade or is it from something else? Secondly is this noise lifter/tappet noise from under the hood? Engine hasn't been run much in last few years (5K engine) Here is the noise: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GFoUQQ5pViQN1NF2ySTeCh2Rq3dedJ04/view?usp=sharing Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide any help. Paul.
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