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  1. Almost been 10 years, still at it 🤣
  2. You can't see it's...ugh... not so healthy side, so we'll stick to the propaganda view for a while. Steve, you are a legend for the photo & making it look like that! :)
  3. HEY it's about time I sanded it back to metal and started this process all over again 😂
  4. Cannot believe after 10 years, this thread is still powering on. My god. 10/10
  5. Sheeet. Ahh well, she'll be all fixed up in no time
  6. hahah thanks for the comments :) Still the daily driver, clicked up 15,000 kms now days. ^_^
  7. Like a blast from the past ^_^ Little blue beast lives on as my daily, end of this week she will have clicked over 10,000 kms ! Sir Med-Man saved my ass a few months ago discovering a hellish intermittent fault - wet weather, car would not start. Elec Fuel pump would not kick in. Any guesses ? lol. Wet weather I would have the front demister on with the blower fan on low. Turns out the variable fan speed resistor Red/White wire was mistaken for a solid earth. Sooo... everytime the fan was on 1, the car would not start. Car broke down in my driveway 5 odd times over the years.. once running, was ok, just not enough to start the wincam as my brother calls it. Apart from that *TOUCH WOOD* it's been a turn key reliable daily that sings to 8-thousand quite happily. I won't be selling her any time soon. Been collecting too many new bits. Maybe part of her will be up for sale though.. he he he :devil: #itneverends
  8. Man, this is looking.. Amazing :o ! Must pop around one day and see it in the flesh :)
  9. Usual 6 monthly update! Car is fantastic, lives undercover most of its life battling discharged voltage syndrome. I might take it out this weekend, its very over due for it. Might even clean her too. Next September.. this thread, 10 years old. the hell :o
  10. Hey Matty! Ill grab the 4age alt / aircon setup =D Free next saturday early arvo for pickup? =D Ted
  11. Epic =D It's me trying to call you atm.. hahah
  12. Hey Guys ! I'm chasing a RHR Ke70 Tail Light in the brizzy area, i need one asap ! Just leave me a message here / pm me your number and ill contact you straight away :) Cheers! Ted
  13. Ahhhhh fantastic. 1081 km's - Tue Feb 5 12:30 am BP servo on the northside of brisbane, Blue car splutters to a halt. -_- Thanks bosche for an expensive, noisy and now non-pumping fuel pump. Thought i'd put some fuel in her whilst i was.. at a fuel station. Drank about 24L of BP's finest, 330 km's. Much better than the 280 kms to 42L last time.. lol. Oh well, maybe this car is better suited to a museum. It looks good on the back of a tow truck. lol.
  14. Phil I'm chasing a RHR tail light; you have one i might be able to grab? Not too fussed on how good it is, as long as it's not smashed. T'
  15. 9:21 am 21/01/2013 Blue car in my driveway. With rego. Winning 8D . A huge-thankyou to Mr Shades for getting said lump of 30 year old car 1/2 way across the country. Cheers dude :) 640 km's on the clock. :thumbsup:
  16. Bah humbug. Car place not open saturdays to public. Be nice if CEVA's answering machine and webpage + google listing removed the "OPEN SATURDAY 8AM to MIDDAY" Sigh -_-
  17. SO HAPPY SO HAPPY SO HAPPY 7am, waking up in the morning Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal Trololololololol. 8am. I'll be at CEVA's... ;) To some of you out there.. expect a visit tomorrow ;)
  18. Hahah Cheers Guys ^_^ Lets see. Car has almost 500 km's on the clock now. Tailshaft needs to be balanced / replaced with a 1 piece. God dam the 2 piece tailshafts are trash at the best of times. After a long wait at a set of lights, about 30 seconds later the car feels as if it gets vapor lock, coughs and splutters for a second then comes good. Apart from these 2 little.. Issues, the car has been faultless and drives really, really nicely. It's not the fastest car around, but it feels like it would be good for a high 15, low 16. Just have to find out oneday What else have I been doing on it. Installed a stereo into it today and some rear speakers. I have taken photos, but need a computer that takes an SD card. It took me _ all _ day to get it sorted, keeping to the factory OCD standard. lol. Made a list of all the thing's I am yet to put into the car ( in no order ) : 1) Front speakers in door, stealth 2) Correct door trims 3) Air ducting for fuel pump area, it works ok atm, I just want more air flow 4) Tint 5) Finish off A/C 6) sound deadening for door trims, boot lit and under bonnet 7) deep dish corn 8) Each door turns on individual fading light on floor well as well as light on bottom of door 9) Electric windows with auto one press down and up 10) cruise control 11) glove box light 12) rip out the current alarm and install one that a) works and b) doesn't shit me off 13) replace boot light switch 14) trim boot 15) upholster centre console lid and surrounding components 16) Rear airconditing from front system with rear controls - feet and face 17) Front heated and cooled seats 18) Vanity mirrors with lights in both sun visors 19) Tweeters integrated into A pillar trims, stealth 20) Subwoofer mounted in boot, other side of fuel system, behind trim panels, stealth 21) Passenger front electric mirror starting to fault, too noisy, replace 22) Rear Cup holders 23) Electric arial 24) Under bonnet light 25) power inverter mounted in rear section near subwoofer with outlets inside cabin and boot 26) 2x rear roof mounted map reading lights (one each side near jesus handle) 27) Roof mounted map reading lights for front seats with twin sun glasses holder 28) Lock / unlock all doors switch mounted in center console 29) Remote lock / unlock function on new alarm system which auto winds up or winds down all windows 30) Door warning lamp split up into 6 sections with red LEDS, relevant to which door /boot/ bonnet is open 31) variable speed wiper control knob on stalk, modified from 2002 onwards ADM Toyota 32) 2002 onwards ADM indicator / fog light / headlight stalk 33) yellow period correct fog lights 34) Finish aftermarket dash with gauges (lol forgot about that one ^_^) 35) If I could make it fit, I think a rear 4x can or bottle ice cooler like in the crowns would be fantastic in the parcel shelf 36) Retrim the boot. Did I say this above? eh. Ill say it again. Retrim the boot in my OCD standard 37) Front lip spoiler 38) Re-wire / re-light the font end, both twin lights are twin bulbs - - low beam 55w for outer bulbs (filament 1), - high beam is 60 w for inner bulbs + low beam lights on - Spotlight mode with both inner and outer lights on 2nd filament being 100 something watt 39) make the exhaust quieter. hahah 40) Discreetly mount 1x foglight? in the rear, under the bar that comes on in reverse 41) Every switch in the interior needs to be illuminated when the park lights come on ;) 42) headlight on / ignition keys out / door open buzzer 43) Rear power sockets in boot and rear passengers 44) Removable Centre arm rest for rear seat 45) Parking ticket display clip in A pillar, drivers side ( thanks for the suggestion Volvo <3 ) 46) JDM guard display emblems 47) Key lock surround clear stickers 48) Side external pin striping 49) New leather strip to tie up gearboot selecter inside, old one has faded 50) Master switch that turns off all the lights inside the car (service mode) 51) Hooks on or near rear grab handles for shirts / coat hangers 52) Analogue air temp gauge for inside car vs outside - discrete 53) Rear high mounted stop light 54) Power socket in engine bay for 12V accessory work light 55) Single a/m fuse box for all the different thing's ill be needing fuses for :P 56) Throw this heavy little ke70 on the scales, see how much over a Ton she weighs hahah 57) CB Radio 58) CD Stacker. Because 1997. 59) Install iluminated dice into rear parcel shelf / window area 60) Engine oil cooler 61) foot rest for drivers left foot 62) manual air bladder and pump for lumbar support for drivers and passenger seats 63) When wiper switch is pulled back, squirts water, waits abour 3 seconds then wipes windows 2 times 64) Engine kill switch 65) Discrete mounted Phone hard wired in car for tracking if car stolen, turned off and on at corrct times 66) Low washer fluid light on dash 67) Low Transmission fluid / temp too high light light in dash with buzzer 68) Low Diff fluid / temp too high light in dash with buzzer 69) Low Engine oil / temp too high light in dash with buzzer 70) Low coolant / temp too high light in dash with buzzer 71) Low clutch fluid light on dash 72) heat shield exhaust (well.. more of it) 73) Fuel door open warning light 74) LED in fuel filler area 75) Fuel lid holder on fuel door 76) Stero with blue tooth for phone 77) Rear- seats AUX or USB input for stero with remote 78) For the rear blower / Ac / heater - upgrade the front fan with something a little more upto the task of my silly idea(s) 79) Re-design front foot blower vents so they actually put air on your feet, not on one side of your leg. I'm too tired to type any more. I know i've missed a few things. lol. The car has just turned into a 'How much stuff can I fit into this car, make it look totally stock, keeping to the blue-car OCD standard' ^_^
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