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  1. Cheers guys, problem isnt valve stem seals anymore....just spring retainers.....finding the right ones for the springs I have seems to be near impossible. And nah the machining would be done on a lathe....none of this dodgy belt sander stuff. lol
  2. Having issues with the retainers unfortunately....LS1 retainers are slightly bowed upwards on the inside near where the valve stem sits....thus making the top of the retainer REEEEALLLLLY close to the top of the valve stem (possible binding issue with the rockers). It's unfortunate because everything else looks fine.... So now I have to figure out if I can either machine the retainers down or get slightly different ones. UGH I would just use the crow cams double valve spring set they do.....however because of the way the stem seals have to be set up....I would never be able to fit the inner spring as it wouldnt fit over the stem seal I've used. /back to the drawing board.
  3. Yup.... Autobarn will have similar ones like these... :) Just ask for internal hex nuts. If you're near the Morayfield/Caboolture store, ask for me - Simon. :)
  4. Should hopefully be picking up the .40 thou machined block in the next few days. Just for records sake, head should now have 2T valve springs and LS1 chrome moly retainers (just cause I can). Watch this space. :D
  5. This is how the head looks at the moment. :D Update is basically found out that my engine block was stuffed.... .40 thou over and couldnt get the bore smooth enough on cylinder 4 to class it as "good". So I put the call out on the facebook page and Cameron came through with a standard bore block! :D I dropped it off at the machinist just the other day and it hopefully should be good to go next week :) I'm hoping to have the engine built again by Christmas.....I miss driving it. :(
  6. Nice! Also keen for a set here. I'm in the process of getting Grovers 5k all rebuilt at the moment and these will be well deserved on the head. :)
  7. Funny enough, I think it wasnt long after my last post on this thread that the engine decided to blow a headgasket....can't complain really. The car was towed to back to my house and has sat since the end of april until now....as I had too many things going on and not enough time to work on anything. Today, I eventually got around to actually pulling the head off and having a good gander at what went wrong. Cylinder 4 was the culprit with a water jacket at the back of the head gasket blowing through into the cylinder. That cylinder has pitting in the bore so I'm now trying to find time to pull the block out and hopefully get it all tested and bored out again. :D Then i'll be sourcing some shallow dished pistons for the ol' 5K and slugging them into place and replacing bearings etc. Head is currently down at the engine builders getting a going over....should be all good :D
  8. Wow....how times have changed. That engine is still going strong in the car....built over 10 years ago! It's had a few bits and pieces done to it since. I've recently pulled the old Corolla out of the parentals place (it lives undercover there) and been slowly getting it back to a reliable car again. It actually didnt take too much, just mainly a full service and a replacing a couple of oil seals. I've been tinkering with the thought of pulling the engine out and either refreshing it with flat top pistons and new bearings, rings and gaskets....or rebuilding a 3TC engine for the car. The supercharger idea never really got there....closest i got was the supercharger mounted on a bracket with a belt on it. The very next day I got defected for it....Karma is a bitch! I think its time to reuse my motor building skills and actually get this engine the compression it deserves!
  9. Last one they had was out the front of autobarn, they filled the carpark and then some (double parking cars).....some nice old machines thats for sure.
  10. Oh yes...it definitely helped. You must not have used the right technique though, cause we still had to squirt it with lube. Wtf did I just type.
  11. Thanks for a good night out people.... I actually moved 3 cars to get Grover out.....even then it didnt wanna play the game and I resorted to carby cleaner down the throats of the SU's to get the thing to fire. lol Got it running, went for a blat around the block after about 4 months of sitting and it was all good. Washed it and then hit the road to meet you fellas at Mt gravatt. Not bad for a 30+ year old car.... And senseless, you would have mistaken it for a KE30 probably because it has KE30 full chrome bumpers. Still a 55 with attitude though. :P
  12. I must log into here more often....my bad. Count me in + da missus. Hrmm.....supra or corolla. Need to drive both at some stage....too many cobwebs.
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