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  1. Hello, so 2 days ago I got to the local track and this time we had and onboard camera so here it is, stock 4k engine and weld diff
  2. Hey guys so finally I was able to drift the rolla and i'm very very happy. I was doing 80km/h entry's and i'm very excited Trying to find the line to hit the yellow clipping point at the video bellow I end it up hitting some tyres caused this (soon the video)
  3. So it's Gecko Steel Wheels, mine is front 13x8 and rear 13x9
  4. I don't know yet, i'm still waiting for the previus owner to send me a message of what wheels is those, when I learn will tell you :)
  5. Oh that's why, I think too that with this flares will look awesome when the coilovers will be on the car and it's lowered, but for now I want it missile because I will start learning drift on the car :)
  6. Thanks, I can't wait to go home and ride it. Well this flares are from a Golf MK1 and I think will be sitting awesome
  7. Hello rolla fans, my name is Nick, i'm 30 years old and i'm from Greece. For few weeks now I'm proud owner of a Corolla KE70. Because i'm working full season I brought the car but I haven't see it or touch it yet (because i'm working in a island) so my best friend did all the papers etc and have it on his garage. The plan on this beauty going for Drift Project but for now i'm trying to fix it. Off topic : Because the rear wheels has more offset than the front I heard that you can add fenders from Golf MK1 is that true and if yes from the front or from the rear? Thanks Nick.
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