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  1. here are some Upright brackets for Starlet for sale on Yahoo http://page23.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o146154470
  2. I have a pair of cut and shut engine mounts that upright the KE70 motor and early oil pump where the pick up pipe can be turned to suit the upright sump don't know if they will work for a KE10
  3. piston ring from a whipper sniper? what size bore?
  4. Being an 81 TE in the USA I take it you have electronic ignition with a coil igniter Before you tear the ignition apart what’s your fuel filter like? Does it miss under load or just randomly ? Once I had similar problem and replaced the coil with one from a Celica, from the same year/period that had electronic Ignition. Had to make sure that the outside of the coil has a good earth to the body (scrap a little paint off the side that would be under the clamp holding the coil) and the body to engine earth strap is in good nick. Other than that make sure the cable from the Dizzy to the Igniter is not damaged, as the signal used to trigger it, is a very small voltage and the slightest impedance in the connections will stuff it up
  5. Hello Ashley There was someone making these up to suit T series box using a volvo cylinder in place of the throw out and the front seal I will have a look back through my info and see if I can find anything.
  6. Hello All I am currently rebuilding a 3t motor and am trying to source some new lifters, Both repco and burson have no listing for lifters for 2t or 3t, is there a replacement option that can be used? Thanks in advance UPDATE Just done some Internet searching and found an answer to my own question 75 Series Toyota land cruiser 2H has the same lifter part number 13751-44030 for std size Now just to find some one who sell's them
  7. ford v6 capri front spring fit
  8. I have decided to get out of K powered Toyotas and concentrate on my other Toyota car I am going to part out the KE70 and it's JDM bits which I will list soon I am also going to sell my upright K parts and other K performance bits too.
  9. Action shot from security Camera, Hope to hear from Insurance Company today to see if I get it back for parts And look for a new project
  10. The KE70 was parked on the road in front of the hilux The getz crossed to the wrong side of the road and crashed head on into both of them. Very lucky no one was hurt
  11. sad end to my KE70 project Getz V's Corolla Getz =0 Corolla =0 HiLux 1
  12. Some of the people on the forum already run these motors in club cars ( gavclassic) and have better idea on performance gains The 7k motor block is a bit wider then the 5k you have and you will need to change / modifiy your engine mounts do some searching on people's builds and see what they have done
  13. Got one in my TE20, the same as a KE30 (Small booster Jap assembled car) But it also has a TE pedal box which moves the master up and away from the 2t intake manifold.
  14. What are you using the car for road or track?
  15. How much is a “little money” are you looking to spend? Are you going to pulling it out and change cam, new pistons some port work or just some bolt on bits to get a little more fun from it. Most 4k's suffer from restrictive air/fuel into the motor and exhaust out of the motor So a good cheap starting point would be a set of extractors with a 1 and 3/4 inch exhaust system (not good for a fully worked engine 2" would be better) A down draft Webber and decent air cleaner, and change the distributor to electronic one from a Liteace motor to give better spark and no more “points” problems The above list set me back $800 and my KE70’s rwhp from 41 to 62 (motor is also quite fresh only done 20,000km) I could get a lot more if I change the cam, have the head porting on both the intake & exhaust done, and I can still use the same weber and exhaust I have already invested in. But as the car is my daily I can’t do with it off the road for that long to get the motor out.
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