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    Hi everyone. New here. My name's Steve and this is my first corolla. I've heard a few times over the years that these cars are special. Now I own one I see why. This one cost me $750 and had no rear muffler and a smashed windscreen, which is getting fixed Thursday, but even the few drives I've had in it have me smiling and wanting to get it back to its best. The body is rough with a few dents and scrapes etc but there is no rust to speak of and it's mechanically great at this point. Please I'd love to hear advice, tips, knowledge etc that anyone can share with me as this car is going to be around a while and I want it to be great. (My 2yr old daughter has already claimed it as her car haha).
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    oh nicely done. How do they offsets compare to the old ones? they look a bit more sunken in on the rear?
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    Here's the dimensions I measured off my 1983 slanty when I converted it to Diahatsu Move vented discs. They would be the $52 discs at 218mm. I wonder if the 229mm ones are on AE86s. The longer life ones, 83-87, are on wagons & vans. They stopped making KE70/AE71 in 83.
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    Pretty straightforward- Screws into plastic clips in the rubber strip across the car under the bonnet, tabs on the scuttle panel that slide out under the screen. Clean the box out the best that you can, a lot of leaves and dirt gets in there and hold moisture in so it rusts. Oil the joints in the wiper arms while you're in there too. I can't remember if you HAVE to take the bonnet off, or if it just helps to make it easy. I'm only taking the scuttle off when I have the bonnet off anyway.
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    So finally I’m underway. After years of waiting I finally have some space and don’t have to jam cars down the side of the shed. The KE15 is as I got it other than taking the tow bar off which got sent to Harry. and some series 1 RX7 wheels that actually really suit it (and hold air!) I also replaced the seats with a perfect set with headrests I got from Japan. The old ones going to Klayton only needed some small repairs, but I wanted headrests and ended up changing over at modest cost. Otherwise it has sat quietly under cover waiting for some love. Adam had some engines issues in that it started blowing a lot of smoke and struggling under power after running for a few minutes. I’m convinced it has a cracked piston. A quick compression check was even across 1, 2 and 4, but cylinder 3 has nothing. So work started on the weekend with pulling the engine. I’ll whip it out next weekend having disconnected everything yesterday. Planning to stroke it with a 3K crank. I went back to Adam’s original thread to see if he had comp tested it, and realised I bought the car 9 yrs ago! A bit longer than planned. Would of loved to meet the original owner. Went to extremes of screwing self tappers through the boot badges, and added extra bump strips down the flanks and under the guard badges. The body will need a bit of work but is extremely solid And issues are mainly cosmetic though there are a few areas of house paint doubtless hiding things. The bonnet will need a bit of work. Anyway, kids are old enough to amuse themselves, so plenty of time to work through all the spares I’ve built up
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