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    Hi over here, long time no see, I'm back with another car. I already was here but no pictures are left on the old threads Many moons ago I had this KE71 That after a lot of hardwork came out looking like this And after a while without a RWD Corolla (I had an AE101 Corolla) I came across this, and I'm the proud owner of an 1973 Toyota Corolla, also known as mighty TE27. As a bit of history, the Toyota dealer for Uruguay is AYAX and it didn't import any Toyota until the 1980's so anything before that is very strange, so when I came across a sale post that reads "Toyota Corolla 1973" I had to have it, so I went to see the car, this are the first pictures I took... the previous owner fidieling with the engine interior shot After working for a while under the rain we made the engine idle and sort of run as it should, quite a feat considering that the car haven't been started for almost 5 years, after it heat up a little and it was not dying, we took it for a "test drive" given it very sorry state the car run great, much better than what one would thing after those pictures, and with that the deal was made After almost a month of back and forth with the notary, all the paperwork came clear (very important and tedious step in my country) the car was legally mine, and so the journey begins. As you can see the car is very very very (did I mentioned very) rusted, but is the only one that I know of in my country so I will try to do my best to restore it to it's former glory. I have many pictures to update this thread so I will try to do my best.
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    Few good updates.....My rear panel arrived and it looks like it's been a newish panel stitched on to a rustier car. It's been hacked off the back of the donor so thankfully all those rusty bits like the remainder of the boot floor etc can just be removed as I only need the actual face of the panel. It's got a bit of pitting along the bottom valance and a few small holes, but it's miles better than the bent swiss cheese on my car at the mo. And I had my suspension mounts, struts and a few other bits professionally welded and certified etc Bearings removed from axles and minor repair to axle - wire wheeled up the hub faces and will need to replace a stud. Ball joints removed from LCA's, bolts swapped into straight (non bent) strut bar. Rusty section cut out of backing plate........which I then proceeded to put a hole in when cleaning up the welds ha ha will get it filled up easily enough. And the main event........leaf spring perches onto the AE86 diff housing And after a quick mock up and to check alignment......it is the goods! (will need to get bigger U-bolts for the larger diff housing) MMMM......professional quality welding Gave a few bits a coat of primer the other day, then some top coats yesterday while the weather was......warmer atleast. It got pretty cold once I had finished, hopefully that doesn't effect the6-8 hour cure time?? Had them all hanging together with the fan heater going to warm up the area....complete with hi-tech corrugated cardboard insulation barriers! Powercleaned the diff housing, doused the inside with CRC and gave it a rub down with rust converter, and another coat on the leaf springs. Also had the shitty paint blasted off the callipers and got some crappy tyres fitted to the wheels to get it rolling atleast. Ordered some bigger U-bolts and the lowering blocks/brackets are being modified to fit them. Also got a massive stash of new seals, bearings, bushes etc..... Now I just need another good day to finish off the top coats and the fun part of assembling all of this to get it rolling begins!
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    I joined the states forums 8 or 9 years ago and at that time there was still active interest.....they were useful forums, Now.......extinct. apparently everyone has morphed into faceplant and twitter, I have written before, it is a shame. Our entire society has latched on to the internet technology as the only acceptable way from now on......we are going down a bad path. anyway, it is nice to see that this site still has some interest and valid posts.....CHeers to you all. I have finished my original SR5 te27 project and actually found someone to buy my SR5 clone project and now my next build is a 2 door 74 RT104 corona. Just wanted to say...HEY.
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    It's great driving weather! I tested out some new driving moccasins and a merino skivvy on a hot fudge sundae run.
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    This thread is exactly on point with what corollas are all about to me, a blank canvas to realise your vision. Well done,. you made an awesome little mini 4 runner!
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    Don't over think it. whatever the manual says grade wise, and whatever brand name oil is on special at the time. and change it every 6000ish km. For years i bought penrite oil. for no other reason than Dad always bought Penrite oil. And he bought Penrite cause his dad bought penrite oil. Then one day i bought shell or something cheap (but something brand name ish, around the $30 mark, not $60 penrite). And my engine didn't explode. So i kept buying the cheap oil. Years later, no engine explosions and plenty of spare cash.
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    I did most of the metal work and did, I do not have a paint booth and i'm not very good with painting so i decided to take it to a shop to get painted. So far its not looking too bad.
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    Finally more of the car started to take shape again. Lots of hammering and heating and forming and welding! But it finally started to look like a car again rather than swisschess.
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    Well that was a surprise! That car looks freakin awesome. Well done.
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    Haha! That's where I test and tune! It actually spat the (water heated) intake manifold gasket along there last month. Wasn't happy. I prefer dry gaskets but I had been persuaded by an aircraft mechanic pal to use goop on the first gasket. No good. So the new gasket went on dry and I'll nip up the nuts in a few weeks While I had the carbies off I realised the pump rod was jammed on one of them, making it impossible to tune. All sorted now and it's going heaps better. Still not 100% on a 1500rpm clutch dump but certainly driveable. I might swap around some pump bleed jets to narrow it down. I think the old 15" tyres are a bit hard and maybe even flat spotted from sitting as I've got a bit of a vibration over 100. So I haven't taken it very far. Still ironing out the niggles to be confident taking it on a road trip but it's done around 1100km now. Fitted a Cusco strut tower brace which probably doesn't do much, but I always wanted one. $200 delivered from Japan in 3 business days which was fairly reasonable I thought! Next project is in progress. I've dug up the entire backyard for a driveway. That should keep the mud out of the shed and off the car.
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    Started this this morning and it was slow to start and running on 3. The unplugging of coils and the lack of temp in exhaust pipe indicated cylinder 4. Pulled plug, it showed no signs of fouling, so no spark at all really! I swapped to OEM coil, fixed! It ran smoother than it has yet on the new throttles. I messed around and swapped to yellow jackets when diagnosing a miss while working out the itbs calibrations, it was just fouled plugs, not coils. There the yellows remained, but a few times lately I had not had the drive I expected under hard acceleration, knowing what I know now, I assume it had a miss under load, and eventually this degraded to a miss at idle, so I guess I can surmise that the yellow jacket product is rubbish, and put them all in the bin and save my money for oem coils if I ever need, I have a full spare set on my other motor anyhow that are perfect after 78000ks. The yellow jackets were good for 3 weeks, maybe 500ks. I already sent one set back that seemed to create a miss. Unacceptable. OEM is best for ignition parts. Car is going better than ever now at least. I did notice a substantial increase in fuel economy. From 8.9 to 9.9klm/litre around town. This I can attribute to extra efficiency getting air into the engine. This is all a little surprising considering I added fuel here and there to the map compared to before, and extra transient enrichment. I drove it rich for a bit, and have continued to trim the maps as required in the logs to optimise. Basically, that's amazing economy for the first tank running in some new itbs and tuning them. I think I need a highway economy test drive, somewhere about a 550klm round trip to see if I can get it on one tank.
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    Yeah, it's a rear wheel drive, black bumpers. I found a pin out of the ecm on this website. I have power to batt and b+ at the ecm, and good grounds. Also pin STA which is "ecu start signal" is hot. Here are a couple more pics. Not perfect, but to me nice for an untouched 1983.
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    {Bonnet Scoop} My old AE101 scoop had seen better days and now sported various cracks and abuse. Instead of finding another second hand bonnet scoop I opted to find a scoop that wouldn’t be so obvious. I found that the scoops off later model Nissan Patrols were a tad smaller and looked the part. Straight forward fit: measure twice cut once.
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    It most likely be "bearing blue", I doubt that you'll get it at bunnings will most likely need to go to a proper tool shop. It is mainly used for hand scraped bearings.
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    Go lie under a few vans at the wreckers. They have leaf springd, 5-links, disc brakes.. all sorts. You can expect to modify mounts and brakes, but they will haul a load and aren't that much wider.
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    Today I dragged it out of the shed for the first time in months. Finally getting close to booking in for rwc.
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    Those cars are really grateful to all the TLC you can give them. So the money spended this way, is a good investment! I divided my project in many steps over the years: step 1, rebuild all the suspension and brakes, plus electrical work here and there, a new exhaust system, replace external old parts with OEM ones (turning lights, plastic trim, rear lights, bumpers) and wheels plus tires. It has been like this for about 5 years now...I really hope to start next year the step 2: bodywork! Mine is a summer car: in rainy season, there is water inside the cabin because all of the rust holes plus 40+ years old rubber :( So my goal will be disassembly it all, and restore the bodywork to his former glory! Plus, reinforcements in strategic points for adding rigidity. Step 3: Paint work....step 4 interior. And the final step: new engine! The K series engine is a great little engine, and with the right parts, can give many smiles per gallon...but I'm worried about future parts availability. So my plan is putting a modern engine (4ag series always be my Toyota favorite engine, and with Webers, the sound is just addictive), and drive it another 40 years! Keep motoring! And for the grand finale, a family pic: The red one is a KE26 station wagon with only 30k miles! It was stored for about 20 years, when the original owner died. A couple of years in legal procedures, and at last I can enjoy it! Only the wheels aren't stock, but the 3k engine and 4 speed manual box were fixed to top condition. And my plan is keep it this way, forever and ever!
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    Well, slowly slowly.. Mao has rebuilt Blsteins and Steve has a road car.. Pete's Maxima that everyone borrows has a new LCA bush & doesn't knock any more.. and we did some gardening. Then we sort-of finished the caravan, no water plumbed in yet.. and moved it in by the Woolshed. We finished the steel store except for a door. We made the steel door-frame but haven't found hinges yet...
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    Ive joined a bunch of faceballs groups attempting to connect with enthusiasts. It's like people dont know how to google things? and it seems ALOT more worse with facebook as information is instantly lost. I would say that 99.9% of questions asked on facebook across both the rollaclub and e30 ones i follow could be solved with google searching. Facebook isn't a good platform for keeping knowledgeable people engaged. However in saying that most if the information that is in google searches is on forums that are 10-12yrs old. How long are they going to be around? Rollaclub.com only stays online cause irokin keeps paying the bill. I fear that that alot of great information that was acumulated on forums between say 2001 and ~2013 will eventually be lost. The internet may only end up with useless social media sites. Instabook and facegram. And we will all be back to re-inventing the wheel on our own as information is lost.
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    She's alive again! Thanks to a trusty local mobile mechanic :blush: Turns out there's a little bypass hose up under there, that had blown. New hose fitted, no harm done!
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    today I wiped the car with a yellow microfiber cloth, it did take a fair bit off dust of it
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    We have done it, ecotec v6 into a ke70, the conversion isnt that hard to do if you have a bit of mechanical knowledge. The sump fits between the x-member and swaybar. custom mounts and gearbox crossmember need to be made, as do custom extractors and tail shaft. easy peazy... were also building a v8 one aswell :)
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    Bought a KE70 grille with a GT badge a couple months ago, chrome trim along the top is in overrated condition, very happy with my item and his excellent communication along with prompt international shipping.
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    well... that's all subjective to your engineer. personally, if i found someone who would allow ANY better-than-K engine into a corolla with stock brakes, i wouldn't want them engineering my car. any turbo motor with stock KExx brakes is a death wish there's also a clause in the ADRs that specifies that, even with the original engine, if you sufficiently upgrade the power output of a vehicle, you are supposed to sufficiently upgrade the safety systems (ie: brakes, seatbelts, etc) of the vehicle as well realistically, i don't think stock corolla brakes stop a stock corolla well enough, never mind one with a warm 4k like mine, or a big power motor like rob's or doug's. after having one full braking run in fook's ae35, you realise just how pathetic a single piston, 218mm solid rotor brake really is