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    Nearly there, battery is a bit down on charge so no start today. Finished that steering wheel too, looks mint. Repco stock this zinc stuff, so put some in the oil to help the cams bed in Beer That is all, maybe start tomorrow.
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    The missus finally out of Hospital and into rehab. One step closer......
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    Big relief to see the missus without a tube in her head today
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    Looks a bit more like a motor again! Tried to bolt the manifold on this afternoon and managed to pull a stud out of the head 🤬 will have to wait until Monday now to get a helicoil for it. Once I've done that, it's manifolds on, flywheel, clutch and gearbox and back in the car! Oh and have to change the pilot bearing as it's a bit tight and crunchy.
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    Very sorry to hear of your wife's brain bleed. Really trust you get a "Good Christmas News" that She is showing great improvement. Being Christmas, which is really for kids, & lots of fun, I can imagine, how you & your kids feel. As Dave says . . . It sucks ! I really, hope that in a couple of months, She is making a full recovery, & that you can look back at this period, as a very bad dream, in the past. I'm sure the thoughts of all of us here on Rollaclub, are with you & yours, at this time. Please yell out, if we can be of any practical assistance. "We are family",. . . . . although many of us, have never physically met. Cheers Banjo
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    Hey Chums, Bit of an update on the rolls. So I bought it earlier this year, had it running with the mighty K motor for a few months. Decided the 3k just wasn't doing anything it for me and had some spares kicking around from my Celica, figured I'd 3tc swap it... And while I was in the process a turbo and j160 6 speed would be easier to do at the time rather than down the track. So I rebuilt the 3t with stock 3tgte internals, made a manifold, tail shaft, cross member, converted it to hydraulic clutch, remote brake booster etc. Thats pretty much it for now, just been running on 7psi and having a bit of fun with it. In the process of sorting out an intercooler, before I up the boost a bit, going to run a water to air cooler on top of the rocker cover. Also have a M78 commodore diff I'm shortening at the moment for it. Cheers Jack.
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    Hi Jasper, I would strongly suggest, if you are going to head into programmable ignition, that you seriously consider another kind of trigger, rather than just using points. Points really suck, when used in this precise application. The rubbing block wears, & the cam lobes in the dizzy wear, providing slightly different timing for each trigger. Oh, & they have a habit of bouncing/oscillating at high revs. On top of that, you have to keep the points "wet", by passing a reasonable current through them. Not enough to arc, but enough to get a good clean signal. >100mA. The reason for this, is to "burn off" the very thin film of oil vapour that builds up inside the dizzy, & on the points contact surfaces. I would strongly advise using a non contact system, such as the Accuspark, or maybe a K Series electronic dizzy with VR sensor, as Dave has suggested. The only trouble with VR electronic dizzies is, that their output is dependent on RPM, and when you are cranking, the output of the trigger, is at it's lowest. VR sensor wires are also polarised. Does not work very well, if wired in reverse. There are two kinds of K Series electronic dizzies. Those with VR sensor only, & those with a VR sensor plus an in-built electronic ignitor. The model with built-in electronic ignitor is the better one, as you simply connect the output wire to a 100 ohm, 10 Watt resistor, the other end of which is connected to +12V ignition circuit. You then get a nice square 12 volt trigger pulse out of the dizzy, to feed to your ECU. Even if you can get hold of a K Series dizzy with VR sensor, but no built-in ignitor, you can grab a Bosch BIM024 module, as Dave has suggested, & attach the above mentioned 100 ohm resistor to the BIM024 coil connections. I ran one of those for several years, without issues. The advantage of the Accuspark is, that being a Hall Effect device, it gives the same output amplitude, irrespective of the RPM. All electronic programmable ignition systems, needs a MAP sensor, so you can dispense with the vacuum advance/retard device. However, you will need to dissemble the dizzy, & remove all the bob weights & springs, & then lock the shafts up, so all advance & retard, comes from the programmable ECU. The dizzy, then becomes simply a trigger device, & distributor of the HV to each spark plug. The Accuspark has another advantage, as you can use it directly to get the engine started, & then switch automatically to programmable ECU, as soon as the ignition key comes back to the "run" position. The very best K series dizzy, that I found, to create a source for electronic trigger pulses, is the 3K Denso model, with the Octane adjuster knob. This dizzy is the physically smallest of the K series dizzies. Accuspark do a module for it specifically. They are very easy to "lock up", & remove the vacuum advance unit. I actually made one up for an experiment a week ago. Took me all of 1 hour. 3mm roll pin was all I needed. Hope that assists your decision. Let us know how you are going to trigger the ECU, then I'll give you suggested options for ECU. Cheers Banjo
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    Had this car for a while now and slowly getting there. It came with the green backyard paint job, jellybeans, threaded bolts, wheel well half full of water and spaghetti wiring amoungst other stuff. Needed a bit of tidy-up. Ive had a few 4 doors over time and managed to hang onto a few bits which went into this car. I bought a written off AE82 twincam and did the conversion. I rebuilt and installed an AE86 front end still with ADM calipers. Its not quick but I like the 4AGE. Grant from NZ did the interior, He's a legend. I love the styling of 70's 2 door OZ fords, Holdens, Chargers so I like my rollas to look ADM if that makes any sense. Theres been a few guys on this site that have helped me with info and cheap parts - cheers short term plans - Dash Refurb in coming weeks new carpet I have steering issues but have parts to fix so need to sort that. Think engine mounts might need replacing (ford laser) Thinking of putting rubber bushes back in the rear suspension, rear end creeks Longer term plans - I have SSR meshies 16 x 7 fronts and 16 x 8 rears that will go on ( everyone rolls eyes but hey, its my car ). I also have some Aussie delta 13x7 that I'm refurbishing. The MK1's will go on my other Corolla. T18 diff Redo the wiring in the engine bay spare 4AGE that I will rebuild at some stage with a little more poke. I don't know much about engines so might aswell have a go and learn something new. Respray entire car, have XB side mirrors mirrors I bought to throw on at that stage if it suits.
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    Well I don't like to brag but this time I can't help myself. The Garagmahal is finally complete. Just a bit of a shack to store the Princess' rolla and all the family cars with a bit of room for a long overdue work space. No more laying in a gravel driveway swapping a gearbox for me. I am currently in the process of linning it with a bathroom and kitchen as well as living and sleeping quarters. You see fellas this time I got smart, I bought the land, I got the shed before the house so if I run out cash ooops sorry no fancy kitchen instead of too bad not enough coin for a decent shed. We will be living in it until the house is built then its mine to do with as I please. I was even thinking of getting my own project rolla as well as looking after the Princess' KE55 but we will see. #Rollahouse
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    No worries. I intend to keep the lights on for as long as humanly possible. The fact that 80%+ of our traffic comes from google these days suggests people are finding something valuable here. Things are looking pretty stable now and I blacklisted the worst offending bots that were causing significant resource consumption.
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    NAME: Scotty Dee CAR: 1973 KE20 Toyota corolla MOTOR AND DRIVELINE: 4K 4 speed with shortened LSD SUSPENSION AND BRAKES: Adjustable camber plates and coil over struts coil over with shortened shocks rear WHEELS AND TYRES: GENUINE B45 SIMMONS [B]Interior[/B]: [B]Body[/B]: [B]Other[/B]:  I figured pictures speak 1000 words
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    Got this nice little 1 owner a few weeks ago with full log books, receipts and even a Polaroid of it when it was new, its my first Corolla and so far I love it Main reason I liked it so much was that it was kept stock its whole life so there isn't many parts I need to find and I thought it was quite rare to find one in this condition. The drivers side door had a good whack a few years ago the previous owner mentioned, I had to source a new glass window (got the whole door+mirror which was awesome). Wasn't as hard to find as I had firstly thought, other than that the passenger front guard has a small but decent dent in the front near the headlight and the chrome strip is all busted up :(. Not much rust at all considering its age I thought, rear passenger guard is the worst in the whole car. I believe the car had a touch up long ago as there's signs of repair in back of the roof/down between the windows, looks good from far away so that will do for now lol... Dumped the oil straight away and put some nice full zinc Penrite in and gave the engine bay and motor a good scrub. Thermostat was totally seized so that was replaced. New oil and fuel filter. Water pump has seen better days but I have it a good clean and slapped it back on for now. Sanded back the air cleaner housing as it was in a terrible state but gave up after it was good enough as I didn't have the right tools to do it properly. Gave it a paint in white but it looked weird so I went black, need to find the original color code or something... taped up the best looking original paint and the sticker on the housing so I could get it matched if all else fails (not a high priority at all). Rocker cover was sanded back with 1500 and it come up pretty good I thought. Flushed out all the crappy rusty water from the block and heater hoses - was filthy... Gave the radiator a flush with the hose and painted it and the fan cover. Noticed the distributor vacuum advance wasn't working, I think the diaphragm is seized up.. don't have a timing light handy so when I take it to the mechanics soon ill get him to take a look at the distributor and hopefully its an easy fix (doubt it). Does this need to be working for the secondaries to open up on the carb or is it just for the timing when decelerating ? In this photo the carb doesn't look like one of the throats have been working ? Read up a bit about them but still a little confused. I'm thinking ill just send it away and get it rebuilt when I have some cash to blow. Other than that there isn't too much mechanically wrong with it, going to change the wheel bearings cause that's cheap and probably start looking at the bushes and replacing them slowly over time. Ill take some nice pics when its up on the hoist. Really wanted to get the cassette player working so I pulled it apart and gave it a good clean (had to learn how to do this lol). Replaced the belt and found the motor to be seized, come good with some crc lectra-clean and a few spins. Took a while to get it sorted so when it finally worked I was so happy ... made some tapes on a $40 Yamaha tape deck I got off gumtree yesterday just for recording and they sound pretty good (not really) from the original speakers, when I'm cashed up ill get some 5x7 which Ive read should fit in the standard holes - ill check before I buy any as I def don't want to cut any holes anywhere. Video of the player working with a tape I made up :)) https://streamable.com/wvqww Main drama I still have is when I floor the pedal - even when rolling, it just bogs down until maybe 3000rpm ?? then it seems to liven up. Was pretty sluggish when I first drove it but after the little service I gave it and filled it up with 98 + upper head lube additive it seems to have come back to life somewhat. I'm thinking perhaps the timing is simply off, or worst case the carb needs a good service or tune at least. Still haven't got my hands on a service manual as some of them don't have the KE35 coupe and some do - I think... just going to get a newer one when I can which will def have the CS Coupe. So that's it for now, done about 300km over the past week with her all over Brisbane, up the lookout, over the gateway bridge and its very nice to drive! Next on the agenda are wheel bearings, gearbox oil gasket, sort out the carb. Long term goal is to slowly refurbish the rest of the car, the front guard needs to be beat out or replaced and the drivers side door needs to be swapped over with the one I got with the window. Hoping the a KE55 coupe door line up with the body lines on the KE35... I know the base of the mirrors are bigger on the 55 as I have one for my drivers door, the bottom hangs off the body a bit so I'm wondering if the door is slightly wider or something. Hate autos also, would be nice to swap it over to 4 or 5 speed as id like to drive long distance and the old trimatic is kinda limited to 90 unless I want to rev the hell out of it for an hour straight but I don't want to cut any holes to fit it. Ive read the early K gearboxes should bolt right in, but Ive also heard the autos may not have the mounting holes for the manual - its a low priority so not too worried about it for now - its just a cruiser anyway Anyway hope you enjoy the pics, hopefully down the road it will have a total respray in the original color and at this stage ill fix the rust, door and all the big jobs like that as it wont be very cheap to do it properly.
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    Looking great fellas, well done, it looked like a nice day to showcase your hard work. We don't have enough of these types of events in Perth.
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    Few good updates.....My rear panel arrived and it looks like it's been a newish panel stitched on to a rustier car. It's been hacked off the back of the donor so thankfully all those rusty bits like the remainder of the boot floor etc can just be removed as I only need the actual face of the panel. It's got a bit of pitting along the bottom valance and a few small holes, but it's miles better than the bent swiss cheese on my car at the mo. And I had my suspension mounts, struts and a few other bits professionally welded and certified etc Bearings removed from axles and minor repair to axle - wire wheeled up the hub faces and will need to replace a stud. Ball joints removed from LCA's, bolts swapped into straight (non bent) strut bar. Rusty section cut out of backing plate........which I then proceeded to put a hole in when cleaning up the welds ha ha will get it filled up easily enough. And the main event........leaf spring perches onto the AE86 diff housing And after a quick mock up and to check alignment......it is the goods! (will need to get bigger U-bolts for the larger diff housing) MMMM......professional quality welding Gave a few bits a coat of primer the other day, then some top coats yesterday while the weather was......warmer atleast. It got pretty cold once I had finished, hopefully that doesn't effect the6-8 hour cure time?? Had them all hanging together with the fan heater going to warm up the area....complete with hi-tech corrugated cardboard insulation barriers! Powercleaned the diff housing, doused the inside with CRC and gave it a rub down with rust converter, and another coat on the leaf springs. Also had the shitty paint blasted off the callipers and got some crappy tyres fitted to the wheels to get it rolling atleast. Ordered some bigger U-bolts and the lowering blocks/brackets are being modified to fit them. Also got a massive stash of new seals, bearings, bushes etc..... Now I just need another good day to finish off the top coats and the fun part of assembling all of this to get it rolling begins!
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    I joined the states forums 8 or 9 years ago and at that time there was still active interest.....they were useful forums, Now.......extinct. apparently everyone has morphed into faceplant and twitter, I have written before, it is a shame. Our entire society has latched on to the internet technology as the only acceptable way from now on......we are going down a bad path. anyway, it is nice to see that this site still has some interest and valid posts.....CHeers to you all. I have finished my original SR5 te27 project and actually found someone to buy my SR5 clone project and now my next build is a 2 door 74 RT104 corona. Just wanted to say...HEY.
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    It's great driving weather! I tested out some new driving moccasins and a merino skivvy on a hot fudge sundae run.
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    This thread is exactly on point with what corollas are all about to me, a blank canvas to realise your vision. Well done,. you made an awesome little mini 4 runner!
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    Well, 2019 is not going to be a good year for freedom, especially in NZ! The laws banning guns have been sitting around on Govt books since the '90s, and one Aussie visitor is all they needed to whip them out and ram them through. Even more important are the new laws banning free speech, as guns will get replaced by other weapons eventually, but speech won't. It always starts with banning holocaust denial, then insulting Muslims, then denying womanhood victim status and as always it will end up banning criticism of the Govt. Keep your eyes open...
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    I can’t fault you there. It’s bloody awful having petrol dripping all over you. And running into the inevitably skinned knuckles
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    Hows the tuning going? I have seen a few of the old timers do it with a vac gauge, never really took much notice of it as I prefer to use a wideband o2. Those wheels suit the sedan shape perfectly. I'd love a sedan that shape with a 20v in it.
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    So about time I did an update.... The Tuesday dyno session didn't go quite as planned. Andy was chasing an ignition breakdown on #4. Just intermittent spark. It was running on 3 a bit when I drove it down to him but I thought it was just the bad tune. I popped into the workshop at about 430pm (expected to have it back by then) and he seemed a little frustrated. We quickly deduced it wasn't a coil issue, but wiring. Then I realised what the problem would be... I crappy Jaycar electrical connector. Had it swapped out by Thursday night with a new Narva one and all was good. Took it back to him on Friday morning (he said I could just leave it there for a week while in Burnie for work) via town for a meeting and realised he had knocked the overall fuel cut up to 50%. When I realised this I went in and offered to him that I would manually drop all the values by half to save him time... and me money. Week went by, and I hadn't got around to doing anything but I did realise it could be a simple process. When I converted to sequentially injection/CAS and quad coils I had to manually double all of the fuel map values as it went from dual bank injection to sequential. IE I had a fuel map on file that would be close enough for a starting point. So reinstated the old map (Andy's last tune with a couple of little tweaks by me) and changed the appropriate settings back over to dual pulse/sequential. Started with no throttle and idled (I don't have an idle solenoid) and drove rather well! So then took it back to him straight after. In the week it took me to sort it, he'd taken lots of dyno bookings and the next opportunity he'll have to do it will be Friday 1st of March. Meh oh well, another 2 weeks to wait. So that's where I'm at.
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    Gotta be happy with that!!
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    Same place as my desire not to be doing another rebuild anytime soon lol
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    I love this thread, rally car building, country life, bit of wrc action, builds, classic cars....... It doesn't get any better
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    That's awesome news Colin. All the best for a short stay..
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    She will pass with flying colours just on looks alone. Too pretty.
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    Haven't done too much to this thing of late. Been a bit busy with other things.. Managed to get camber tops all sorted and machined the top hats to suit needle bearings for them also. Been spending time on my newest project i grabbed a while ago and finally got registered so now i should be able to get back into it. I'll upload a photo of the newest toy below
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    Ah that sucks, few days in the future now but i hope there has been some good news for you. Sucks this time of year, but sucks in general! As others have suggested, and it seems you are all over it. Make sure you make use of the social worker at the hospital. My wifes mother works as a social worker at one of the hospitals in Brisbane. parking vouchers and what not are given out all the time.
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    hi guys been about 8 years since i was last here thought i would do a quick up date. i had to sell the car a few years ago but still talk to the new owner, its had a lot of time and money put into it by the new owner and is on it's way to 9 second pass, anyway here is a few photos of the new setup.it's making 607hp at the tyres on 28psi on E85 , sad i had to sell it but happy someones put the effort in and it's going good. it's getting a few upgrades and should be back at it and try to crack that 9 soon.
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    I assume you mean AE86?
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    New here, first post and having a little difficulty posting text. Anyway, hope you guys don't mind a van owner hanging out in here. We bought this little Liteace a few months ago, which is not a Corolla but has a 5K engine under the seats. I have been lurking here trying to learn more about this thing. It runs surprisingly well, considering what must have been a lifetime of neglect: - changed out the plugs and wires - reset the timing - removed the restrictive inlet pipe that snakes its way to the air filter all the way from the front bumper - oil and filter - have a carb rebuild kit and new manifold gaskets, waiting for a good weekend to do it Was very surprised to find points in the distributor cap, an old-school coil on the firewall, and an old-school voltage regulator under the dash. Wow. VR already went up in smoke due to some faulty wiring back by the fuel sender...that was an exciting morning... we had flames coming from underneath near the gas tank at one point. Never travel anywhere now without at least a water bottle! Plans for this van are to upgrade the alternator & distributor, source a 3-core radiator and make some changes to the aircon condenser arrangement. After that, piece together a 1.75" exhaust system from Jetex, unless you guys can recommend a more Asia-Pacific source. This is our only vehicle, and we don't exactly have an ideal place for working on the little guy, so I'm doing what I can.
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    Niggles, or things I wish were different; Toyota Australia's decision to homologate cars with hybrid and CVT drivetrains over manual transmissions sucks. I would've liked to buy a manual SX or ZR, but it was put to me that I'm in the 1% who do. Oh well, at least the cheapest Corolla is the fastest amiright? But buying the cheapest model (though speccing it up with Satnav/privacy) means no smart key, and there is no illumination on the key hole at night. Meaning I'll fumble with that until I get used to it. And I should've been able to specify the 18" wheels. And the boot is a little small. But that's it!
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    Cheers mate, but wheres the fun in someone else working on your project, but maybe ill take your edvice and head to he forest to drink those unicorn's blood >:) ETERNAL LFE!!!!!
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    Thanks Matt. Some of you may recall before I pulled this apart I had just fitted a thermostat and oil cooler to help with oil temps on the track. I bought a thermostat from Improved Production and a Mocal 16 row oil cooler and mounted the cooler to the front bumper, there wasn't many other options where to mount it. Now this had a great effect and oil temps dropped significantly and it even helped with coolant temp as well. But the bad thing was if I ever needed to take the front bar off or beaver panel the oil cooler had to get disconnected. Not the most practical or the easiest of tasks, pretty messy as well. So I for this rebuild I had to think of an alternate location for the cooler that was unobtrusive yet still functional and had good air flow. I settled on where I had the oil catch can, this area is out of the way and gets great air flow if you remove the headlight. So I reworked the oil lines and changed the thermostat to a thermostat and oil filter relocator unit in one.
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    Well that good idea, did not work well, as it was too tight in the area I proposed. Finished up making a little additional mod to mount a magnet, that required no drilling or changing the engine, except a hole in the timing chain cover. It worked perfectly, & I now have a reliable & steady sync pulse (1 pulse every 720 degrees of engine rotation). The little magnet mounting plate can be fitted in any one of 10 positions on the sprocket, so that a perfect spot can be assigned. Just got to build a little fixed logic decoder, to get the timing pulses I need for the ECU, so the ECU only has to worry about all the engine sensor inputs & calculations. P.S. The hole in the centre is for a crankcase ventilation inlet, so that filtered air takes a much longer scavenging path, through the engine. You might have noticed that the Hall Effect sensor I used, has a little red LED built into the back of it, which makes it very quick & easy in real life, to ensure that the sensors are producing pulses. Should be good for trouble shooting. Cheers Banjo
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    Nice work, nice old rola out and about. Not sure if this is what you mean, i have polished a fair few plastic headlight lenses, they come out like new. Same process as polishing wheels really. Sand with course paper 120 grit dry if they are bad enough to need it, or finer if they not too bad. Then work down to 800 wet. Then use buffing compound for 2 pack paint and a sander/buffer with foam pad for paint, coarse compound then fine grit, they come out like new.
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    Got blueslip today, old mate must've appreciated the new master cylinder as he commented on how good the brakes were. She might not go quick but at least she stops well! I also refitted the seatbelts after a good washing to stop them from being nasty and stained. Can't have horrible seatbelts, you're forced to handle and wear them after all. - boingk
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    Well that was a surprise! That car looks freakin awesome. Well done.
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    Haha! That's where I test and tune! It actually spat the (water heated) intake manifold gasket along there last month. Wasn't happy. I prefer dry gaskets but I had been persuaded by an aircraft mechanic pal to use goop on the first gasket. No good. So the new gasket went on dry and I'll nip up the nuts in a few weeks While I had the carbies off I realised the pump rod was jammed on one of them, making it impossible to tune. All sorted now and it's going heaps better. Still not 100% on a 1500rpm clutch dump but certainly driveable. I might swap around some pump bleed jets to narrow it down. I think the old 15" tyres are a bit hard and maybe even flat spotted from sitting as I've got a bit of a vibration over 100. So I haven't taken it very far. Still ironing out the niggles to be confident taking it on a road trip but it's done around 1100km now. Fitted a Cusco strut tower brace which probably doesn't do much, but I always wanted one. $200 delivered from Japan in 3 business days which was fairly reasonable I thought! Next project is in progress. I've dug up the entire backyard for a driveway. That should keep the mud out of the shed and off the car.
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    Today I dragged it out of the shed for the first time in months. Finally getting close to booking in for rwc.
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    Well, another trip up there.. This time the caravan was in place so we organised some poly pipe for drainage.. Except the ground is like rock and it will need digging in after some rain! We swiped a pump off a well that hadn't been used for years and hooked that up to a tank, so the van has pressurised water and someday a drainage system! A complicated brotherly swap saw us get the red AE71 back. Steve's little bro dailyed on the 4AC and he cut the rust out of the boot area, but then found other stuff to do. Into the shed with the other dozen KE70s! We needed to paint the van door before it rotted out, so we hung a temporary curtain over the doorway. Now, that morning we'd driven about the paddocks in Mao to see how many calfs had been born, and when we saw one lying flat on the ground we drove over. The one beside it got up and moved away, but this little white one stayed dead still until Steve got out and nudged it. Then, POW! it was off and running! We let it go while we checked the rest, & assumed it got back to Mum. That night stacks of moths slipped in around the tarp until Steve couldn't stand it and went to bed, listening to the wind bang the alloy bar on the awning against the van. Late at night there's an enormous "MOOO.. " at the door, so he staggers up to get a torch and there's the white calf.. Of course it took one look, realised "Arrgh, there's the human who wants to eat me", and POW, it was off again! Like a good farmer he found his shoes and some rope, and went off across the paddocks to one-handedly lasso the calf then drag it back to the right paddock half a Km away! Life's never dull at Woolshed rallying!
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    Steve was working mornings driving a concrete truck, so we had afternoons and weekends. Each day he'd catch up with me at the Woolshed and we'd head down to the caravan. It only took a couple of days to strip the inside out and then we decided the door was too small for a big guy, so we took that out. We found a full-szed door on an old shearer's cottage, and re-skinned one side of that. With a bigger door we could fit in a full-sized kitchen unit, also courtesy of the cottage, so we cut the back at an angle to follow the front of the 'van. Then we re-did the door frame trying to make it much more rigid and strong enough to hold a fill-size "timber" door. ..and that's where I left it.. On the way to becoming a batchelor pad instead of a holiday home! In a month we'll be back into it all! (Look at that! I take one lousy photo with him in and then he takes dozens of me! He shoulda been busy!)
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    Sick find. I love Australia. Shirtless guys in the dark with a torch working on one of a kind engineering projects in the backyard. I feel pride.
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    today I wiped the car with a yellow microfiber cloth, it did take a fair bit off dust of it
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    hahahahahaha. sorry for useless post but god damn this is funny.
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    We have done it, ecotec v6 into a ke70, the conversion isnt that hard to do if you have a bit of mechanical knowledge. The sump fits between the x-member and swaybar. custom mounts and gearbox crossmember need to be made, as do custom extractors and tail shaft. easy peazy... were also building a v8 one aswell :)
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    Bought a KE70 grille with a GT badge a couple months ago, chrome trim along the top is in overrated condition, very happy with my item and his excellent communication along with prompt international shipping.
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