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  1. Could someone please tell me if the 4ac engine mounts are the exact same as a 4k? Cause I'm thinking of dropping a 4ac into my ke38? Cheers
  2. Have you got a spare drives side front door window? Or know someone who might :) Cheers
  3. Yeh it is, but the guy that had it before me has put the fan sensor in there, I have figured out a new way of doing it. Going to but the top radiator hose and put in this.cnnection, then screw intge sensor for the temp gauge, and wire it up :) will upload pictures when it is complete :)
  4. Hello, was wondering if anyone could tell me where the coolant sensor is on a 4K? I'm want to install an aftermarket temp gauge and can't seem to find the original one anywhere? Would be awesome if someone could tell where I could find it : ) cheers
  5. The one that goes to the Carby OS the only place ot can go, and yeh o was worried about the defect part. Will try and hide the pod filter ;)
  6. Alright :) is there a reason why small amounts of oil get pushed up throigh the hole ajd Into the filter?
  7. Here are some pictures of 2 hoses that go on my 4K, with a weber Carby, can any please tell me of they ate connected correctly? In this photo you can see 2 hoses coming from the top of the rocker cover. The one going the right has been.conmect back into the Carby. And the one going to the left is connected to a small pod filter, (should be connected into the air cleaner) This photo shows the small pod filter. This photo shows the hose going to the right connect into the Carby. can someone please tell me if this is connected up right and if not then what is wrong and how should it be fixed :) cheers
  8. My38

    1979 Ke38 Wagon

    New accessory to the KE38! Mini Pod Filter +10hp
  9. My38


    Also spotted what looked like a bright purple ke30?? Wasn't too sure, anyone know who it might be?
  10. My38


    Wondering if anyone has spotted my atomic green ke38 wagon? Haha
  11. My38

    1979 Ke38 Wagon

    Big thanks to "Jessehowiephotographics" for the awesome photos :) Check out his page on Facebook "Jessehowiephotographics" (SA only)
  12. My38

    1979 Ke38 Wagon

    Finally got that front left guard painted :) looks pretty good for first time painting :)
  13. My38

    1979 Ke38 Wagon

    only photo i could find :)
  14. My38

    1979 Ke38 Wagon

    Today changed my sump gasket :) lifted the engine out, resprayed the sump satin black, then put some fresh oil in :) runs so nice now, will try to upload pics soon :)
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