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    Quality of AE86s at the show looks excellent. Nice pics. One day i will have me a levin notch back like that red one. Something cool about that shape.
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    " I just tested it and got 14.1 km per litre (7 litres per 100klm). " Ouch- That's what the 4AGE returns running the 500km up to the Woolshed and back.. and you've got a lot more motor there!
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    The big job was fitting a plastic roof to make a glasshouse for growing seedlings- and it even has a wind-up wall! The electricity went off one evening and all the next day, and that's when I discovered there were no lamps or candles at Auburn Vale. What sort of 1920s farmhouse is this?? I dug out a lamp and made sure it worked for next time! I'd moved one of Steve's farm cats down to Auburn Vale and she'd had kittens down there. Now I have them living under the deck outside my room- but that's preferable to what lives IN the room with me! ..and if you're ever taking bets of centipedes versus redbacks, I can give you a clue.. Anyway- back up tomorrow for another hit! Maybe get those struts done AND the gearbox mounts if the MiG is back. No doubt there will be lots to do setting up the inside of the glasshouse too-