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    Ahh Ok, thanks for the info mate. If that's the case, then I'm guessing you could theoretically plonk either of those engines + the box complete, straight into an is200, and vice versa. That would be an especially good swap for the rx8, as those rotary engines don't last long, and guzzle fuel. I guess the only way to know for sure, if the 2az-fe would fit, is to mate it upto the box, and see.
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    Same as a KE70, the Altezza manual runs a 4.1, the auto a 4.3. Found the page I was after... Here's a comparison of the K, T W & J160 boxes, and the 'close-ratio' 5 speed from the Datsun Z series. You'll see the J160 has a lot more gears crammed into the same ratio space, with 5th as 1:1 like most gearboxes 4th. It just great if you're working your way though the tight & twistys, but not noticeable if you're on straighter roads. J160 6th gear is 0.87, the same as a K50 5th, so definitely not a tall gearbox.
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    AE93 SX parts car, Don't have any updated photos as it's sitting way down the back yard, but all the brakes and interior, wing, front end etc went onto my AE94.
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    $20 can buy many peanuts! Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with what you are doing if you get them certified. Even fia cert is a good start. Without a cert they are only good for racing sims.
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    Hello, I've had the ke20 disc brakes on my ke10 for years. Last year the bearings went kaboom and I just threw in a new set of ke20 bearings. Now I was just reading the wiki conversion page for fun and noticed that I would've to use the ke10 back bearing on it.. What is the reason for this? It seems to work fine but there has to be a reason.
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    PM me your email address Luke & I'll email it. I think it loses resolution on the forum. Its not the best scan to start with, just something I found on the net myself. My Gregorys manual only has the headlight circuit, typically useless of them.
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    Please contact me. Send me a text ! 850.693.6099
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