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Poor Old 3K

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Well it would seem that about a month ago, after 34 yrs of good service (not all 34 yrs in my care) the lil 3K in me old Rolla decided to spit the dummy and relocate the water to the sump, Yay! :notimp: ..... So after weighing up my options :hmm: I got a 4K sent over from Vic and have been gettin' it ready to slot on in. :yes:


Complete used engine that's in pretty good nick and have replaced rear main seal, sump gasket, oil filter, manifold gaskets, thermostat and all gaskets for thermostat housing, rocker cover gasket, and o-rings around spark plug housings. The clean up of the engine bay and auto box has been fun, 34 yrs of road grim doesn't just fall off lol but all is coming up well. Here are a couple of pics of the 4K blogentry-14327-0-17840500-1338568726_thumb.jpg, engine bay blogentry-14327-0-47112300-1338568710_thumb.jpg and radiator blogentry-14327-0-37040300-1338568747_thumb.jpg which is having a bracket made up to fit a 30cm thermo fan inside the fan shroud. :greenbounce:

After it's all fitted and running the next on my list will be a 2" system, stock system makes it sound like a hive of pissed off bees when ya doin 80km's lol :paperbag:

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