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  1. is there a difference with the engine performance from using a contactpoint type of distributor to a cdi? i was planning to put a cdi, but i wasnt sure if how much gain will i have, and if itts worth it to do so
  2. yeepee!! never thought ders a site like dis... rili nice! whoa! newbie,obviously... this site is good... guys, help me out for old skul patrs if u have any...ayt? thanks...2t performance parts or for ke70... thanks!
  3. ke70 GT


    sweet heavens dis site is healthy! elow everyone! new here... my ride is a ke70, pretty old but still fun to drive.... still working on swapin d engine soon, maybe after i blow this old 2t. i modified it, but still having a hard time to cath up with hondas... must have dohc...tsk tsk.... hey, anyone have parts for ke70? grill, or parts fo the 2t engine, some upgrades maybe.... i live in zamboanga city...not much for car enthusiast..still hav to go to mnla to buy parts and then go back home... but drag racing is alive here...few old skuler though... jst me against the big ones...
  4. its been hard to get the right tune for a twin carb, I'm wondering what and how much is a synchro... where do i buy that stuff? pls help... still holding on my 2t as of now..still tryng to sqeeze more juice out of it.. do u guys have any turbo manifold for 2t? somethiong must be done... :harhar:
  5. yes, i found a w55 tranny 4sale, sum said that its heavy... but the good thing is that it can hold more hp than my t50 although i don't think my ngne makes more than 160hp... but I'm happy, just last sunday, i was just behind a 2004 civic rs, we had a drag race, both started at same starting grid, no plus for me.. and i was able to stick with it. it has roughly 130hp stock. il soon be swapin 2t for 20v but still gonna use t50 tranny...thats why i thought of upgrading it if it was possible... i must say i rili do need lsd... i had too much tire spin on launch, thats a waste of time. :harhar:
  6. hi everyone! I'm alvin from philippines..19yrs old..i had my ke70 since high school...back then it still had its stock 4k motor...modified it and still didnt squeeze enough.. i changed d ngne to 2tg and for only a week, i destroyed the ngne. so i had to use the soch version, 2t. i need ur help guys with how to modify the t50, is it possible to change or upgrade it? what differential can i use for my ke70? its hard to find lsd here in my plce, i don't know what would be bolt on on this car.. help me awt, gotta kip up with hondas, sumhow... the engine itself has been modified even if its a soch only... pnp works, hi-rise headrs..and the very difficult to tune, solex side draft, race cams.. with all dis, men, i love this car... i just need some help on the diff..and tranny... mor HP to all! :wink[/font]
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