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    7Mgte Motor

    What trim is the CT26 and would u separate the torq convertor? Cheers
  2. X-Pac-X

    Pair Of Ma61

    still looking? PM me if you are, have afew rollin around ;P
  3. X-Pac-X

    7Mgte Motor

    Has the HG been done? and how many k's? Cheers!
  4. Hi Guys, Got a set of front MA61 seats from a 83 hogin shed space so they gotta go!! Passenger seat is in very good nick but drivers seat has been attacked by ?? shrug wild dogs? side support is all busted up along with rear plastic backing :| Pickup only
  5. X-Pac-X

    Ma61 Front Seats @$25 Pair

    No Worries mate, can txt or call me on 0400896116
  6. X-Pac-X

    Ma61 Front Seats @$25 Pair

    Bump! Price lowered 25 bucks for 2, single good chair is worth at least 30-50 on it's own!
  7. X-Pac-X

    Ma61 Front Seats @$25 Pair

    Bump, would like these gone :)
  8. X-Pac-X

    Ma61 Front Seats @$25 Pair

    Bump! open to offers!
  9. X-Pac-X

    Mig Welder

    Heya, You have pics & details IE duty cycle,gauge wire & maximum size metal it can weld ? is it arc or mig? as there is no 170amp mig only 160amp by website http://www.weldcorp.net/products/welding-machines/arc/arc-welder-170-amp http://www.weldcorp.net/products/welding-machines/mig/mig-gas.gasless-160-amp Cheers!
  10. X-Pac-X

    Ma61 Front Seats @$25 Pair

    Believe so, rails and side arms have been separated... assume previous owner planned on refurbish Arms move freely and springs are strong ;) also lumbar pump is missing and it's working status is unknown be some nice seats even with covers over them for a ke70 ;P
  11. X-Pac-X

    Ma61 Front Seats @$25 Pair

    Pics of seat's $50ono
  12. Price $8,300 Serviced every 5,000km 17inch MY02 Rims Rear spoiler Pioneer CD/MP3 Player 4inch exhaust 3pt Mongoose Alarm Excellent Interior Very Good Exterior 3rd Owner Full Service History New Clutch 215,000km Near new KU31's on front Renewed Rego 3 mths added, expiry Dec/11 Brand new Walbro 255 Fuel pump installed Recent Service Tinted Windows Color Code : 65C Odo: 250,000 Reason: no longer needed purchased family car Call 0400896116 No time wasters please
  13. X-Pac-X

    Fs My97 Blue Wrx Sedan $8,300

    bump, need this gone this week! open to serious offers!
  14. X-Pac-X

    Fs My97 Blue Wrx Sedan $8,300

    Need this gone asap
  15. X-Pac-X

    Help!! Rusted Or Defected Project Car!

    Cheers Guys, Pretty sure going to use less rusty one now... even tho it has more dents :( Here's a pic of rusted section just for show LOL! http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/853/33641828288071172813610.jpg/ Sorry no thread build yet, will probably create one once i start doing some more serious stuff!
  16. Hey Guys, Need some help as I have never ran a car thru regency for road worthy!! Issue: Originally purchased a MA61 as a street legal track car but upon stripping more then expected rust was present(SURPRISE??).... about 7 inches either side below the front windscreen is rusted out :( decided a donor car was needed and purchased a almost rust free MA61 without a sunroof! but is defected(Tread,a few lights & replaced steering column).. Question: would it be best to get the defected removed and use that as a base or stick to original plan of cut n welding front section of window shelf & fiberglass/cut n weld sunroof?(Sunroof panel rusted, replacements are ~$100) No Flames about it's your decision blah blah I am asking more about your experience with regency as I 'am projecting it to be around $500 to remove the defect ($330 first inspection + $37 second + parts) Thanks for any Feedback!
  17. X-Pac-X

    Wtb 7Mgte

  18. X-Pac-X

    Wtb 7Mgte

    Hi Guys, Looking for a close to stock 7MGTE for my MA61, PM with price/location/condition. Thanks!
  19. Hi Guys, Parting out a 5ME engine that has a blown head gasket, engine had apparently been reconditioned less then ~15,000km @ at total cost of $1.7k :blinks: (Receipt Available) Will consider any offers on whole engine or parts (Including loom & ECU) PM or SmS 0400896116 Cheers!
  20. X-Pac-X

    Wrecking 5Me - Headgasket Issue

  21. X-Pac-X

    7Mgte Ma61 Part Out

    Hey man, do you have RH rear flare, front cone, headlight brows,interior light, rearview mirror, sunroof(lol long shot!) ? cheers! btw where abouts in SA might be ezyer to inspect