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  1. Thank's fellas I sorta knew about the T18 diff but with what you have told me I think I'm on the right track, thankyou guy's very much....
  2. Hi I have a ke70 with a welded diff and I want to put a LSD in it anybody got any ideas ???????? The welded diff I have is OK but. It is, starting to develope a couple of little tell tale sounds. Although I have 2 spare diffs that are not welded at the moment and could be without too much trouble, I'm just wondering if any body has any thoughts on a LSD and more importantly the cost that might be involved..
  3. Do you still have Diff?? T18 is that a LSD could it be made into LSD do you know????
  4. jasoneKE70


    He champ could you post a pic for me.
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