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  1. yea mate its still for sale, can i assist in any way ?
  2. gday all, I have a ke70 that has a stuffed master cylinder and brake booster. Just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if id be able to grab these items off any other model corolla and put them straight on the ke70 or if i will have to get them specifically off a ke70 ? Thanks in advance
  3. G'day, I'm after a running 5k engine with either a 4 or 5 speed manual. Also I'm after the crossmember and the clutch pedal and assembly plus tailshalft. If anyone has any or all of these can you let me know. cheers
  4. I have for sale an air conditioning unit from a ke70. I stripped it all out of the car in June 2012 and sealed all the connections straight away. When i bought the car i was told by the previous owner that the A/C worked, i did not test it as I'm stripping the whole car to race it. Whats in the picture is what you get. Pickup from Kyneton, Victoria. Or i can drive it to bendigo or melbourne if necessary. $150.
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