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  1. I'm after some tough looking wheels not sure what sizes i should go with i had 15s on my old KE70 with kings all around i think they were just low springs, i have been told to put 16s with super low profile tyres but that just sounds weird and i wouldn't know what springs to put in i don't want it to low coz daily but i don't want it to look like a monster truck at the same time can you guys give me some ideas
  2. thanks every one. going to get some king springs cheers for the help :D
  3. Hey I'm new to rollaclub and new to Corollas i really don't know much about them i have purchased a 1982 KE70 4k 5speed manual. i just want to use it for a daily but i want it to look good i have allot of time and not to fussy on spending money on it but i would like to change the ride height i would like to to be as low as possible that is legal and the suspension is really soft. some of the topics and some of my friends say use falcon springs and chop them. so i would like some opinions on what i should do and all of this has to be legal as it will be a daily and the police in S.A are a bunch of wanks..
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