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  1. Hi Joey , The indicator comes as a lens and base assembly from toyota . I just bought one for $52.36 AUD ( TRADE ) The part number is 8174052050 ( LH ) .To fit it you unclip the coloured back housing of the mirror , ( I used a plastic trim remover tool which is just a flat piece of Nylon plastic with flat ends ) I inserted it between the indicator and the cover to start the removal and it popped off fairly easily . The lamp assembly is held in by two clips which are visible if you turn the mirror glass as far in towards the vehicle as you can . I then inserted a small screwdriver between the lamp body and mirror housing and , using a torch and screwdriver , pried the clips and the lamp popped off . This procedure only took several minutes . When replacing the back housing , make sure the top edge fits under the mirror body first.
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