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  1. Hi. :D So things did not plan out as i had hoped it would.. And the project kinda came in in the second line. But i have moved in to a new garage, and things are starting to happen! :D "Somewhere in Japan" hehe ;) The new garage! Me and 3 mates have moved in here. so now it is a BMW e36 coupe, a Volvo 340, a BMW 2002 and my ke70 :D
  2. Hi :) Soo last weekend and this week i hve been busy with stripping the ke70. I started with taking out all the interior. I'm amazed over all the junk that was under the seats haha #coronaftw Then i removed all the alphat mats. Never doing that again haha!! This is the only rust i could find. And i think that is pretty good for a car that is 32 years old! But it only has 54.000km on it, so i'm guessing it has had i chill life :P I took te engine out of both the ke70 and the volvo, and i'm planning on starting to fit the volvo engine today :) Probably need to modify the cooler abit haha! #thuglife #rollalife #westworks Instagram: Simensr
  3. So today I bought me a donor car: It is a Volvo 940 Turbo, 4 cylinders turbo with ca 140hk. It has some mods done to it, bigger intercooler, blowoff valve and some other small things. To start with i'm hoping to get around 250-300 hp. I'm really looking forward to start this project at it's full.
  4. Thanks :D I'm planning on using a b230fk engine from a volvo 940, because it is the cheapest way to get around 250-300hp. And in the end i'm a volvo guy haha :D I live in the western Norway, not far away from Bergen, so mantorp is quite a long drive for me... so it's not the plan this year.. But i'm planning on Gatebil Rudskogen in July :D Takk og hei haha :P
  5. Hi. This is my 1982 Toyota Corolla ke70. I have had it for almost one year or so now, and i'm thinking about getting some more power out of it. I have not made some super plans for it quite yet, but hopefully I it is ready for "Gatebil VĂ¥ler" 2015. "Gatebil" is a trackday/track event in Norway (where I come from) Here is a pic of how the car looks like today, it is preshly painted in it's orginal colour. It also have some lowering springs. So this weekend I started with the raer axle. I got a Volvo 240 axle for free from a buddy of mine, and it fits quite perfect. It is alot of work, but i think it is worth it, because i'm planning to have 250-300 ish hp. It's a rusty axle, but it only got ca.150.000km on it, so i'm realy happy. Looks ok inside! i don'y know yet if i should weld it or buy a locker diff, I work as a mechanic apprentice, so i'm not swimming in money by the time... Washing and cleaning Cutting of the orginal mounts on the volvo axle Finish and "clean"ish Taking of the orginal corolla axle Measuring and cutting Welding Starting to look like somethig Almost finished, only need to make mounts for the coilovers and the panhard rod. I think i need to make the panhard rod adjustable, and i need to see if i need to make the lower arms adjustable aswell. Test fitting som different volvo steel wheels to see which of them i should widen. How the car hopefullt will look like when it is finnished, just needs more low!!
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