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  1. Hey guys, Selling my Corolla. Not keen on doing this but we don't have anywhere to keep it now I have a new work car. Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to view. Alex Details: Red Corolla GTi Famous 4age twin cam motor Australian version of the Famous Toyota GTi/FX-GT. Low kms for age. Completely as it left the factory other than the alarm. Factory stereo with CD-Player Factory parcel tray (most of these have had holes cut in them) Engine and drive-line standard. Great little car that's never let us or the previous owner down. Really engaging to drive compared to more modern cars, and just as quick as most of them. Previous owner around 21 years Full service history with a majority of services being performed by Toyota. Just had $600 spent on RWC which included new rear brakes and a distributor. We have owned it for just over a year and its been serviced twice in that time although we have only traveled around 8,000kms which included a trip to Adelaide and back. We have mainly used this car on longer trips,and it's always driven with care. I don't drive with a heavy foot. Engine and drive-line in fantastic condition. Red Toyota Anti-freeze, and oil always been clean. Doesn't use a drop of either Nice cold air-conditioning. Interior in great condition for age, seats have been covered most of the cars life, carpets always protected with mats Not many left in this kind of condition, and I'd be surprised if there are many at all with such low kms. Having said that, being a Toyota parts are still plentiful (not that we needed any), and the car is easy to service. Been used as a second car most of its life. We have a new car for work and don't have space for two, however this one is being kept in the garage until sold. We have always garaged the car. This hasn't been an easy decision, but it's not practical to have two cars for us. Aftermarket alarm with central locking. Bad bits: I think the paint is in good condition for its age, and still polishes up well, however there are a couple of marks as to be expected with age. I don't think this detracts from the appeal though. CD-Player doesn't work, however I've been quoted to have this fixed. Some wear on the factory gear-knob and wheel (common issue as the leather gets older) Please call to inspect. Currently the car has RWC and is ready to be picked up. Please note: The steering wheel shown in the photos won't be coming with the car. Also I'll be out of the country for a week from the 5th of Feb. Thanks for looking.
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