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  1. Rotary Club of Regency Park annually run this with entries restricted to pre 1984 Rollas This year it's 9th to 16th July Adelaide to Lake Hope, Mungerannie etc mostly on station tracks I can take 1 passenger only for $450 incl meals plus share petrol in my modified KE30 1500 5 speed , which she's doing for the 8th and last time , then she's up for sale $2,200. Contact me for ride or purchase on 0413 133233 or email [email protected] Cheers pete
  2. Rotary Club of Regency Park in SA does an annual desert bash with all entries being 32+ yr old Corollas My KE 30 1500 5 speed modified is in it for it's 8th bash, , then it's up for sale , see this Forum, Corollas for sale @ $2,200 , or call me on 0413 133233 , or email [email protected] Dates are 9th to 17th July Adelaide to Lake Hope , Mungerannie etc , your cost for the week as the only passenger is $450 incl meals plus sharing the petrol
  3. BUMP, Not long to go now before my last desert rally with this little ripper , ...9th July to 16th July , we're off to all points north Adelaide to Lake Hope,Mungerannie, etc. , then she's for definite sale.....I can get some text photos to you ..., and will get a full set of photos on this site by the end of the month. BTW anybody's welcome as a passenger , it's basically $450 for the week food included plus share petrol , all profits to Rotary Club of Regency Park
  4. I bought this beauty as a one owner aircond ladies car in Mildura with approx. 115,000 kms on it about 8 years ago. Drove it flat out back to Adelaide and It didn't miss a beat. Then I fitted a KE 1500 ported polished and balanced mild cam motor with a 5 speed box added a Weber and full exhaust system, larger radiator etc etc , 14 inch Corona alloys with light truck tyres raised the suspension added helper springs wa wa wa and have done desert rallys very successfully every year since. It's going to do its last rally this July then it's for sale for $2250 ,now done approx. 150,000 kms drives a treat ,aircond belt disconnected Please phone me on 0413 133233 for photos Thanks Pete
  5. Hi there Committee Due to divorce and relocation blah blah , I haven't been on site for a couple of years and I've also changed my email address,plus I've forgotten my password. I tried to get you to remind me of my password , but that was impossible because my old email is history. So I've re registered with a new user name "emus" , but I'd like to return to my old user name "emu" So can you please delete the old email address [email protected] , and replace it with [email protected] , then email me my old password , so that I can become"emu" once more Thanks Peter Emes 0413 133233
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