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  1. Hey Thank you for your reply and sorry for my delay ... Yes I thank you for your translation in french with google translation;) Well according to me and my infos ... 4AGE would be the easiest to install in my Ke70 Liftback ... The problem is that in France the pieces for Ae71 and ae86 ... its ... Short not the streets ... currently it counts that 10 Ke70 liftback of counted in france ... similar for the AE86 ... It I need a motor or I can find the parts easily (even to buy a complete car and the body for my KE) but hope that it is not a car has 20 000 Dollars x) Thanks to you;)
  2. Hello everyone, I introduce myself Valentin; I am currently in France and I just bought a Toyota KE70 LiftBack (engine 1.3) ... not having the vehicle registration card (car of my great grandfather ... who is no longer The ...) I can not drive on open road with ... so I oriented on a complete refresh of the KE70 track version ... But I have some question that I trot, if I want to put a 4AGE In the Liftback, what cardan to put? Should I use only the steering system of the AE86? Or make a mix KE / AE? In any case it is not easy at all in France to find a French site on the KE70 .. ditto for parts sale site ... I do not find any cardan "new" or so that Are not specific to the KE but that mounts without problem and that do their job ... sorry i use Google Translate :S Thank you for your reply :) Thank you for your reply :)
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