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  1. Cool! What dimensions are they? 4x114.3?
  2. Hello there fine sir Are these wheels still available? i am keen to purchase them if they are. i am located in Melbourne Australia.
  3. Slorolla yes yes yes that all sounds perfectly logical.
  4. Hi Banjo Manual - 4 speed Is the "adjustable front suspension" referring to coil-overs on the original struts ? Original struts Has anything been done already to upgrade the brakes ? Not yet How much have you budgeted to spent on your little beauty ? (Just love those KE35s) Had a KE55 coupe for years, but it went to "cancer heaven". would like to spend around 5k As a very minimum, with minimal mods & costs, I'd suggest looking at replacing the 3K with a 4K, unless you are competing in club classes for 1200cc & under. I would actually be keen to keep the 3k in it but i doubt i would find anyone in anything to compete against.. It always comes down to how far you want to go, & how much $$$ you can afford to spend. Another big consideration, is how much of the intended "conversion" work you can do yourself, & how much you will have to pay others to complete. Not much but i am meeting with a car builder soon What other vehicles do you have in your "bunch of cars" ? Well my bunch has dwindled, I currently have 78' ke35 hardtop 72' Hilux ute (1600cc) 79' Suzuki Carry van ST90 (800cc) 69' Mazda 1000f BONGO van (rear mounted 1000cc) VW UP! daily for good comfort traffic measure All pretty different recently sold a couple of beauties
  5. Hello everyone, my first post here. Lots of good threads here, informative and entertaining. Thanks for having me! I have a bunch of cars, but i really want to talk about the ke35 hardtop ive recently purchased This car is a gorgeous little thing Running orig 3k drive train, with minor mods (extractors, side pipe) Car has been set up for comp with half cage, seats and harnesses, oil surge protect, electric fans, electric fuel pump, adjustable front suspension, rear stripped & floors stripped. No rust, no dings, never an accident. (not bragging i swear) Blank canvass Also incredibly its recently road registered and will be again Vsoon with just the side pipe to change (for about an hour for inspection till it goes straight back out the side again) sooooooo... For the collective brains trust out there i have a few questions as I'm new to the performance Toyota world. 1. What are people getting powerwise out of a 1.2L 3k? (streetable) 2. CONVERSION, 4-AGE or 2TG? (I know - age old question..) Car will be used for street and hiilclimb, club days, maybe some track stuff, maybe even a little rally work, i plan to keep it road registered so I'm a little unsure of how deep I'm planning to go but lets start with drivetrain. Maybe i stay standard and keep a relatively unmolested (slow) fun toy OR 4-AGE - 2TG conversion. Ok lets roll..
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