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  1. My housemate painted the rocker cover, it'll gain a solid 5rwkw horsepower increase. I'll post more relevant photos as stuff happens
  2. I think I'll just go with the AC mount similar to this guy's. It seems super simple, which is a big plus. My battery is already relocated to the boot. Because racecar. Not planning on uprighting the motor. How does the slant hurt induction?
  3. My first engine seized a bottom end bearing due to low oil. The second motor is in the car is doing ok. This is the third motor. It's from an auto KE70, I never saw the car, just assumed it wouldnt have been thrashed due to the auto. But hey, cracked piston, maybe it was a drag Rolla :P
  4. Ok so change of plans, going draw through carby, and it looks like the SU HS6 is the right weapon.
  5. Have taken the motor apart and one of the stock Repco pistons has a small crack, so definitely buy new one, unfortunately I don't think I can afford forged. Currently shopping around for prices and looks like 130-150 for pistons and 50 for standard rings or 75 for crome rings.
  6. Not keen on going EFI. I want to build this with a blow through carby, (not sure what to buy). I figure mount the supercharger where the alternator usually is and pipe straight up to a carb then in in the motor and bang powa.
  7. Hey guys, after running around in my standard 4k ke55 for about 5 years now and am on my second motor and gearbox. I've decided to finally dive in and build a 4k that takes my fun little beast to the next level. I've gotten a 4k from a KE70 auto (so hopefully it's had an easier life than the ones I've been through), and I have an SC12 supercharger. Basically I'm trying to build about 100hp for a fair price, and yes I've read the 'tough 4k build' post about 20 times in the last 5 years. I'm planning on rebuilding the motor and getting components balanced. From there I need to sort out what carby to buy, what can grind to get, and where/what extractors to buy. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know, and if anyone has anything I can use that they can donate or sell, feel free to let me know, I'm located in Brisbane.
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