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  1. hey there guys worked on the corolla some more rebuilt the carb. replaced the exhuast manifold with some headers. the stock manifold broke where the down pipe bolts up. i now need help with the vacuum lines. just thought id post so you guys don't forget about me .
  2. Well got it started. Switched to electronic ignition. That solved my spark issue. Had a fuel issue( no fuel to the filter). Found out my car has a electric in tank pump. Got a new one just needs to be installed. Do the front brakes and I’ll be able to take it for a spin. So stoked.
  3. So I was able to clean it up and put it back together. I can hear a click( like relay) when I turn the key but still no crank. Is there a starter relay on the right side kick panel?
  4. Not as nice as the one in the picture but yes just like it. Found the switxh just need to find whwre where to buy it.
  5. Not as nice as the one in the picture but yes just like it.
  6. Found the neutral switch. Haven't messed with yet, though.
  7. So I've been doing more of what you guys suggested. I have no neutral switch in or under the car. I do have 12v on the arm when open. I do have 12v to the coil. Coil to cap wire is bad so I have a new set ordered already should be here today. Will try to do the key barrel today to eliminate that possibility. Really really appreciate the help guys. Can't wait to get this car running so I can drive it around for a bit.
  8. I don't get power to the starter when I crank it. I don't have a wiring diagram.
  9. I couldn't find the neutral switch. No power to the coil. Tried putting power from battery to the coil still no spark.
  10. Car cranks fine. Just need to find that neutral switch. Only plug I found unplugged. Can't see where it would go.
  11. I'm located in states. Only shows 97863 on the speedo. Thanks for all the info. I was only able to get the center console off. Couldn't find a switch only a light bulb under there. I'll be working on it tonight so I'll see if I can get it started tonight.
  12. so i just recently acquired a 75 corolla automatic deluxe. Car hasn't been moved or started since 95, when original owner passed away. so far got a new starter and ignition coil. Starter was seized and coil didn't measure within specs. now for the issues, i can't get it to crank by turning the key i have to give power to the signal wire up by the battery, thinking that might be a issue with the no spark as well. any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated would like to hear this car run after sitting for 22yrs now. thanks in advanced for any help
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