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  1. Wanting to keep my KE20 original, i’m after a stock 3K engine. Prefer running. Location: Brisbane
  2. Cheers mate. All good I have picked up a KE20. The search is over, the project begins
  3. Looking for good condition complete original car. No rusty wrecks please. Ideally 1973 SE badge, red interior. $$$ ready for the right car. Located in Brisbane QLD. PM me.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm on a mission to find my old car, can you help me? 1973 KE20 Toyota Corolla SE. White paint with red vinyl interior. Stock 3K with 4speed manual. VIN: KE20-1910360 (i think??) Last rego was in NSW (GPD-861). Car was written off with NRMA NSW around 2007-2009 (can't remember exactly) due to hail damage. Any leads are much appreciated
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