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  1. @Banjo At that price I wish that was the one I found! But no, mine is a white '78.
  2. @Banjo I'm not completely sure of my Corolla's journey, as I was the 4th or so owner. Best I can tell the original owner had it in Wyoming until 2014, someone bought it and brought it to Seattle (not sure if they drove it) and started a restoration with the paint and upholstery, but then sold it to who I bought it from in 2018. It was bone stock when I bought it, and the Aisin carb and emissions nest was causing problems so I ditched it all for the standard Weber swap and its been driving great ever since. Assuming all goes to plan, the new owners will be driving to its new home in Nevada! I admire their sense of adventure. Last fall I found a 1978 280z which is a great driver but is going to require a lot of attention to get the aesthetics back up to spec. The funds from selling my Corolla will help with that, indeed.
  3. @altezzaclub Probably? I stopped tallying what I put in to it after about $6k because it wasn't good for my self-esteem and, like all of us probably do, its all an "experience" cost! (This is how best to justify the hobby.) There was definitely more I wanted to do, but I have a new project that need garage space and the next owner can now make the '77 their own. @Banjo Yes, Bring a Trailer is a dangerous site, so, you're welcome and I'm sorry! It has morphed from a place to find unique projects (hence the trailer part of the name) to now a mainstream auction site that hosts far more supercars and six-figure antiques. I'm happy to have gotten my 'rolla to qualify to keep the roots of the site alive! As for the cracked dash, the original owner was from Wyoming, very arid and dry, which explains the severity of the cracking, but also the rust-free body.
  4. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1977-toyota-corolla-2/ I'm auctioning my 1977 Toyota Corolla 5-speed coupe on Bring a Trailer, and the auction ends 2-hours from the time of this post. The car is located in Tacoma, WA. 2T-C with emissions delete and Weber 32/36. T50 5-speed transmission 14" Mk II Toyota Celica Supra Wheels Repaint, seats reupholstered, new headliner in 2015 Original A/C car, but engine components have been removed but are included in sale I completely forgot I had an account on these forums and should've posted it sooner, but perhaps some RollaClub members might find it of interest regardless, even after the auction ends. Thanks!
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