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  1. It gets louder as engine rpm increases and engine load.. Machine shop said piston pins still good, mains and rod bearings replaced but still has knocking sound. Could be an exhaust leak?
  2. I already checked on that sir, everything is tight and clearances still falls under minimum specs. I have this odd exhaust manifold flange that connects with the exhaust pipe should there be any clearance between the two mating surfaces, mine has a 1/8 of an inch clearance even with new flange donut gaskets installed, could this be the culprit?
  3. Lately I have this dreaded ticking/tapping noise from the engine underneath. No noise at idle only evident when revving. Connecting and main rod bearings were replaced, adjusted valve clearances, piston pin bushings still good. What else should be checked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I'm currently using 135 primary and 165 secondary on my 4k carb with free flow muffler 2" pipe, runs and screams like a whore
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