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  1. Does anyone have a gregorys manual for 1979 ke30/55 and ke38 they're willing to sell in Australia or have a PDF they can send me?
  2. I should have mentioned that I have already put a kit through it and still no luck
  3. Hey guys, I current have an 1975 automatic 4 door Ke30. However, the carby that's on there has a hairline passage which seems to be blocked causing the car to stall at low RPMs. I have raised the revs and still seems to be stalling. Does anyone have any idea's on how to solve my issue without changing carbs!? if not, I'm thinking of potentially switching to a weber. However since the car is auto, I feel as if it will be unnecessary and a waste of money! What are your thoughts on running webers on auto cars? Will it make a difference? or not? If it does make an improvement which webers do you suggest? Thanks heaps!!!!!
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