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  1. Thankyou it is my ballast resistor that have broken
  2. Hey guys I have replaced my ignition barrel and ignition switch my car still won't stay running you can start it but as soon as you let go of the key it turns off
  3. cheers dude ive been looking into the 5k tonight and it seems too tickle my fancy you got any suggestions where too get a low km 5k from?
  4. hey guys I'm debating on what would be best on doing with my KE70 making it 4k-e, 4k-u, building the 4k-c or building a 7k. i would just like it too still be cool old school and be able to somewhat keep up with my mates in there s13's etc would anyone be able to help me out on reliable cheap but ways to pump some more power out keeping it legal and old school cheers
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