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  1. I've been working closely with a seat specialist and finally made it happen! Classic style bucket seats. I plan to open for pre-orders for first batch, if anyone is interested do PM your details and we can get in touch to further disucss.
  2. Don't worry, if they are experienced they know what is legal to do. Appreciate your thoughts very much. It helps me to have more points to negotiate for a better supplier
  3. Yes, and I am hoping to get a certified car seat factory to produce them. Rest for sure price will be higher too
  4. We are not aiming for racing purpose and IF I can get a supplier who are able to get their product tested for safety measures. I will do my best.
  5. Hi Rollaheads, I am looking to make reproductions of the TRD tosco seats. I am checking out a few guys who can make them and also want to make sure they are done with good finishing. I wonder if anyone is looking for them too? It will be cheaper to make them in bigger quantities, so we can cost down the product price. I'm targeting at the range of USD$220-270 for each (the cheaper the better), hopefully I can get a good deal negotiating with suppliers. Who ever is interested, can leave me a contact details so I can share more photos when I get the first samples ready.
  6. Hi Guys, I am in the midst of restoring a 1978 Corolla KE-50 Liftback, I need some parts. Rubber seal, Bumpers, Grills, Light chrome ring, All other chrome parts, etc.... I am based in Malaysia. Whatsapp +6010-2992993
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