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  1. Thank you for your answers! I'm from Hungary, but half of the year I live in Romania (like now). It was last driven by my Dad in 1995 after that by my grandfather in 2006. She slept in a deep dream for 14 years. Here's a picture of her when she wasn't on her own two feet yet. (Now it's clean and fine/I will upload a new picture/ but definitely needs some parts.) Last week I found her old parts catalogue and with some OEN numbers I had identified many parts that I can order from Europe too (rear brake cylinders, rear shock bumpers, brake pads and so on..) /I hope these OEN numbers are reliable./ The brake disc is an exception, I only found the "original" one on amayama com. I didn't even think about that! Maybe I will contact the sellers and ask them for more information. (Anyway, here is a picture about the front brake disc. It's very thin... like on motorcycles.)
  2. Hello there, I just found my fathers old Corolla KE30 (2 door sedan/saloon, 1978), and started the repairs with a mechanic friend. The problem is that we are more familiar with the old russian cars... because of that we don't know much about part compatibility or where can we buy parts and so on. First I needed some rear shock bumpers, I found this in a Japan warehouse. Now we need a pair front brake discs/rotors because they are too thin. I found some on ebay, but the shipping price for Europe is horrible. Where can I found elsewere? (Sorry for my English --- I’m new here, but I tried to write my question in the right place, maybe I succeeded.)
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