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  1. thats exactly what it is my friend. when it was stationary it heats up until the thermo fan triggers. I'm thinking to put a 76' degree thermostat and see how it goes, trying to solve the problem from the cheapest solution :). The water pump maybe another thing to look at. because I got this from a friend of mine and his dad put this engine in maybe more than a decade ago. The civic rad i got is a brandnew tho. PS. Could it be the thermo switch I just put in? it triggers at 90s degree. I couldnt find a lower degree that would fit 4age thread. If you know any better idea please let me know. thanks for chiming in
  2. the hose deformation maybe an issue here if said so. I actually could not find a perfect-fit hose for the radiator outlet(bottom). The one I'm using goes around the alternator but a little deformed becuz it needs to sit on the alternator bracket. I think I may need to find a new hose like a flexible one and see if the problem fixed. thanks
  3. this is where I put the radiator. By the way, my car didnt have any problem, the reason I swap the radiator was becuz it looks small and de-cluttered in the engine bay. and I thought the civic eg radiator should be fine for 4age 16v as some guys in my country do that. But I just don't know how they setup. Today I took it out for a ride, the temp was at around 80ish while running. I'm thinking my radiator is definitely too small. the ambient temp over here is avg 30-33 celcius
  4. Hi guys, my rt100 has 4age 16v big port in it. And I just replace the old radiator with the Honda Civic EG which is about 30% smaller but thicker. I also installed the electric fan as well. after install, my car runs hot even when the thermo fan running. it went up to around 95, keeping the fan running continuously. Then I decided to remove the thermostat and try. now the temp runs up to about 92-95 and trigger the fan to come on, then temp came down around at 80 and sits there for a while until it gets to ~95 again. Fan triggered, temp comes down 80ish. I wonder if this is an ok setup for my 4age? I know removing the thermostat is not a good idea, but as I have done it and the temp stays as mentioned. Should this be ok? the temp sensor is at the radiator inlet side (the hotter part) wht do you guys reckon?
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