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  1. Hi team, I have purchased Ajusa 52020200 head gasket set, when it came on the package was written 3KHJ 3KU 1166cc 1978->1981, my engine is 3KH 1166cc from 1975. Can anyone confirm if this head gasket is compatible with my engine? Thanks team ❤️
  2. Hi folks, quick update. So I took my car to the mechanic and my u-joints were totally shot, mechaninc took them out and I went ahead, measured and odered 2 pieces + clips from the local shop specializing in drive shaft repair. They had to order them in at 23euro a piece, and the repair job at 30euro. Car is back in business, but it's nowhere near over. Next job will be to fix rust on the body after take back to the mechanic to get the engine cleaned and figure out if it's just the gaskets or it could use a rebuild u-joint specs: any u-joint that has 22mm diameter, 57mm length
  3. Thanks for your replies team, I greatly appreciate your help. Will post an update once I start with this job ❤️
  4. Dear forum, new member here. I have acquired 1975 ke26 rolla in EU and it's been going great! It has always been little bit noisy after hitting 80km/h, but with the change of tires, things improved considerably, however occasional clunking drive shaft noise hasn't and over time new noises (gearbox>driveshaft) started to appear to the point where I'm planning to get my driveshaft rebuilt by the mechanic. It's been difficult so far getting a mechanic who knows about this car or what components it has. My last resort is to get the shaft out, measure everything and start looking, but I thought I'd ask if anyone here has better idea for identifying the u-joints, gearbox joint etc. Here's my ask fellow members, can any ke2x or 3k engine owners please help me identify aftermarket parts (u-joints, bearings etc.) for the driveshaft? I can try taking some pictures under the car if that helps Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated
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